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This page was meant to reveal and view the other less known ATF RP games which was a winter version of Sandstorm and Rain. The both games sets in the same place, but it didn't made its good progress.'

Giving you a warning: This is my opinion that Snowstorm and Frost takes place with Deep Winter.

After the Flash: Snowstorm

In ATF Snowstorm, there were many differences of the game. First: Rockport city was not available, but the city itself from the view was still there. Second: There were not many cars and military trucks on the roads that there in ATF Reimagined. Third: The areas were different unlike the reimagined. It was set after the nuclear war and the events of Deep Winter in this separate timeline.

After the Flash: Frost

ATF: Frost was a Nuclear Winter version of ATF: Rain just like Snowstorm. I can't say about this, but if the USMC remnants still exists and USCPF doesn't exist in Hawaii, then the CDFs and the Remnants have to fend them selves just like the ATF: Rain lore said. This too sets in the separate timeline.