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This is where administrators will announce any changes made, or other important updates concerning After the Flash in general. Any changes made here must use a certain format.


The Wiki will be only here for Lore Friendly Content, (Official Fan Factions, including disbanded factions, Lore Factions, actual events, etc). All unapproved factions will be disregarded and deleted in the coming weeks.

5.11.18 - Explanation

The Wiki, as I had said earlier, is meant to be more lore friendly. I deleted several pages that were NOT lore friendly.

LPM's have said MANY times that this wikia is not a reliable source. So, I made sure that, though an official wikia exists, people who come here can still recieve reliable information. There is a LOT of clutter here that will only make confusion. Twisted and I in the past have discussed this extensively, and I know he had announced it here. However, he bailed (and after discussing it with him earlier I now know he has a reason), and now I am doing what we had discussed earlier.

If you want to have your fan fictions, you can keep them on your page. If you're making a fan faction, wait until it is approved. The Joke Lore page, was in itself, a joke, and only made more of a mess.

To 007rutger, my apologies for the failure of the past, things will be changing. 

This is a final warning, I will restore the old pages (except the lore-banned pages), and by the end of the week, they will be deleted.

Until this Wikia is fixed, I do not plan on trying to organize or bring more maintenance on board to assist. Thank you.