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Hey! You've stumbled across the After the Flash Wiki here on the internet! Thanks for giving us a glance!

As with all things, there are a few rules I'd like you to abide by, and they mostly boil down to common sense.


Have fun!

If you're commenting

If you can, please log into your Wikia account when commenting, it allows people to reply to you, and for you to know that you've been replied to.

Oh, and don't start the whole "hurr durr dis sux" thing, I have zero patience for that. It ruins the experience for everyone else, and there are FAR better ways to express your displeasure at a certain faction that don't involve a write block until the year ten thousand.

If you're creating or editing a page

Please don't use profanity at all. It seems immature, and makes these articles seem sloppily put together.

I'd prefer it if you logged in before editing or creating a page, just so we can communicate if things end up not being their best.

Use the edit log! When you click "Publish", there's an empty textbox. Just quickly summarize what you did, it makes my job a lot easier. Thanks!

When creating pages, CATEGORIZE THEM! At least put the "Sitemap" category in there, that way it's easy to find. 


There are several ways to get blocked. 

  • Modifying or creating articles with false information meant to mislead others.
  • Vandalism.
  • Spamming comment sections.

Repeated offenses will result in longer bans (First = 1 Week, Second = 2 Weeks, Third = 3 months. Any other after that will result in a permanent ban).


If you do happen to spot incorrect information, typos, or vandalism, please correct it. It allows this wiki to be as accurate as possible, and a source people can use for help.