The Emblem of the Sheriff Department

The Whitman Bay Sheriff's Department was the local law enforcement of Whitman bay that handles and enforces the law in the area, After the shelling between southside and northside occurred the whitman bay sheriff's department managed to keep the peace and the USCPF Kept it as a local conventional police force.


The Whitman Bay Sheriff's Department was originally apart of a large scale law enforcement group alongside the Halfmoon's Sheriff Department (Now know as the marshals) When the Atlanta crisis occured they two separated with USCPF supporters going to whitman under the leadership of Thomas Ramirez the Chief Deputy of the Law Enforcement Group that is now disbanded. The Sheriffs Department before the shelling was relatively a unofficial forced that was not decided on yet by the USCPF, However when Southside fired on Northside the Sheriff's department quickly began maintaining order against the confused civilian population, Because of this the Whitman Bay Sheriff Department was placed into the USCPF to serve as a conventional local law enforcement.

In 2106, Ramirez retired as sheriff and a younger sheriff called Tom Wombacher took over the sheriff department and is now the current leader of the whitman bay sheriff department



The Sheriff's department's primary is to enforce the law and protect the town from criminals, thieves and bandit groups, They patrol the bay looking for crime being committed or known criminals. They host large scale investigations into crimes and protect it from bandit groups trying to attack it.

It's personnel is already heavily trained due to enforcing the law in what is the equivalent of a warzone however it does have various trained detectives who's one job is to investigate crimes committed alongside deputies


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