Rarely attacked by enemy forces, Whitman Bay is a small town located in Northside. The town is currently under the protection of the Georgia State Police who operate out of the sheriff's office. This is sometimes rare that MEB and PRT will raid this town by road tunnels, air support/paratroopers, or by water. Georgian State Police, RCO, and USCPF (82nd Airborne) Patrols the area.


  • Whitman Bay Sheriff’s Department (GSP / Sheriffs)
  • Unnamed Royal Commerce Organization Warehouse (Weapons/Ammo)
  • Abe’s Market (Natural Goods)
  • The Anchor
  • Gas Station (Merchant Services)
  • Interpark
  • Whitman Health Center (Medical Services)
  • HMS Enfield (RCO Property)
  • Lighthouse (Ruins)
  • Red Rocket Radio Bop
  • Bunker (RED controlled/hideout area) (Fallout Bunker)
  • Pre-War Hyperloop Station
  • Culdesac (Destroyed)
  • Checkpoint (USCPF Checkpoint area)

Additional Notes

  • Not a lot of official information of this location has been provided.
  • As there are no houses in Whitman, the residents likely live in Interpark.


  • A event happens on July 5th (in-game) straight after the USCPF Bomber event. It starts off with the same convoy music from the MEB Convoy event (July 30th) Most of the vehicles parked in Fort Shad (tanks,trucks,etc) pack up and begin driving out of Fort Shad. They follow the road that leads into Whitman Bay and park setting up some checkpoints/assisting the protection of Whitman. Shortly after 4 Heavy Tanks come out of the tunnel from the other side of Whitman bay and park assisting the other trucks,tanks.
  • PRTM / MEB artillery hits the Culdesac building and USCPF retreated from Fort Shad due to the bombings on the Fort, causing defeat for the US Army. (July 8th, Major and Special Event)


  • The same music from the MEB Convoy Event (July 30th) plays in this event.
  • It is sort of similar to the MEB Convoy but with additional vehicles and four extra vehicles arriving to assist the scene unlike one APC,two trucks and one humvee.
  • This is where the REDs used the fallout nuclear bunker as a secret bunker. No factions and people are recommended to go there except the REDs and RCO partisans. Entering the area if you're not in REDs are considered FRPing, even if you're a MEB soldier or PRTM grunt.