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Vehicles are many left-over pre-war machinery before the flash. A question is. Can you still rp with vehicles?

In ATF: Deep Winter, If a LPM grants you permission you may roleplay a vehicle. IT CANNOT BE SOMETHING LIKE A DAMN TANK OR ANYTHING.

ATF: (1) N/A

ATF: Osaka (N/A)

ATF: Sandstorm (Kinda) (There are vehicles that have seats that allow you to drive them, however the vehicles are broken by roblox updates so they are useless)

ATF: Darkness (N/A)

ATF: Rain (N/A)

ATF: Deep Six (Yes if you have a gamepass for them)


Air vehicles can only be roleplayed in events of such.


For rp, (depends) USS Winfall and HMS Einfield.


Trains are also not allowed because, old age and stuff.


Tank is recieved by buying the "Super Gift" It costed 2,000 Robux and is pratically useless since you need actual permission to use it.

UR-22 can only be spawned in by a lpm in certain events. Roleplaying as one without actual permission (or something) can possibly get you banned.

Wartruck is a makeshift/proper made armored pickup truck that was bought via "Omega Gift" It does not require perm to use it.

Van is a simple van.

Truck/pickup is a simple pickup.

Car is a simple car.


Railgun Tank is a MEB Tank that was used to be experimented on, via the USS Winfall. It manages to sink it and is never seen again to the public.

USS Winfall is a battleship that hangs around the Southside bridge area. It is sunk on July 25 when the MEB use their Railgun Tank on it.

APCs are armoured personnel carriers (a vehicle that takes troops from one place to the other) that are used in events like convoys.

Humvees are also used in convoys.

Supply Trucks are used in convoys too.

Heavy Tank is a "special" event vehicle that is seen during the July 5th US Convoy.