Utility Retrojet variants

Utility Retrojets or URs are a VTOL transport vehicle, URs were produced pre-war and were used during the USMC invasion of the ACMF countries, the USCPF also uses URs as a utility VTOL.


The UR-22 is the most common variant of UR, they are stationed in Fort Outlook and various other locations.


Variant of the UR-22, seen crashed in the Rockport Police Station in 3R.


The UR-17 is a smaller variant of the UR-22, not much is known about this but you see 2 in the entire ATF series there is a couple of crashed UR-17's in sandstorm you can see a tail sticking out of the ground and in the first ATF and remastered have a NCHP version (North Carolina high way patrol) that supplies the base weekly like the UR-22 in fort outlook

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