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As post-Flash recovery commenced, westernmost regions of America were left to the demise of bandits and mutants infesting in the wasteland. Sometime in the mid 2040s, Myriad was formed as thugs migrating from more civilized states, looking to profit off the chaos brewing in the outer rim of the US.

Myriad holds no fortress or base. They possess a modest fleet of motor vehicles, allowing for transportation and aid in battles. It's not uncommon to find Myriad offering their services as hired traffickers to merchants on the western trade channels.

Not much is known of their becoming, but militia reports suggest that Myriad pillaged numerous scrap towns before arriving in the Lake Mead valley. Naturally, they have come into conflict with the refugee populous over these tendencies.

Myriad Timeline

[America, 2040s] America is on the rise of recovery. The ashes of nuclear winter are clearing, as organizations have risen with the goal of restoring the wasteland to a state of peace. The west is seemingly lost, left to the ruin of raiders and mutants alike. Refugees find themselves migrating towards places further east.

[Texas, 2049] A large scraptown in the midsouth is overturned by armed raiders. In the heat of the moment, a residing crew of thugs seize the opportunity. With a handful of the town’s motor vehicles, they sack several neighboring communities of loot before fleeing further south.

[US-Mexico border, following year] The crew carries on the plunder as they approach the south. They target small settlements and caravans vulnerable to attack and with this, strengthen their numbers and form a sizeable fleet. With newly found ideals for raiding, they travel west of the state line.

[From here, the bolstered raiders embark on an eight-year journey across the southwest. Their season of terror lasts for the remainder of the year, leading into the early 2050s.]    

[New Mexico, 2052] One of the crew’s most notable battles takes place in the city ruins of Van Horn. Outgunned and outnumbered by a nearby militia, the group is left with few options. They make a bold and successful escape, but not without leaving behind many vehicles and men.

[Arizona stateline, Two months later] Those that survived the Van Horn conflict are battered and weak, questioning their leader’s decisions. Local native Killian conspires to take hold of the circumstances. He and his crew are joined by raider lieutenant Reyes in plotting to overthrow their leader. After a violent shift in leadership, the group is repurposed and branded ‘Myriad.’

[Killian’s rise to leadership marks a new era for Myriad. They branch from their raider habits, employed as escorts for trade groups bussing supplies on the western trade lanes. While it’s not uncommon for them to participate in banditry, they do so less frequently.]

These events carry into 2055, where ATF7 takes place.


Myriad is a diverse group of individuals, each deriving from different ethnic origins and past lives. Members would have been brought aboard in the span of their original founding, to current times. From hardy outlaws, to helpless misfits seeking protection.

Authority is passed from mid-ranking members, to Marauders, to high ranking officers and to the Leader and Co-Leader. The crew is given an exceptional amount of freedom, but the Leader’s word is always final. Both fear and reward are used to keep members in line.

Those that make up the Marauders were once part of Killian’s crew, which would later serve as high-ranking officers. The Martinets served under previous leadership, keeping their ranks following the shift of leadership.

Myriad Rules

Killian has established a list of rules for Myriad to follow. These include:

  • Always respect and listen to your higher-ups, no matter your rank
  • Never harm your employer (unless the deal is a fraud)
  • Cowardice will not be tolerated. You have to have some guts
  • Harming another crewmate without a higher up’s approval will be met with punishment
  • Losing valued belongings and equipment will be met with severe consequences
  • The Leader’s word is final in all situations

Faction Relations

USCPF - Negative, non-hostile. The USCPF in the Lake Mead Valley are separated from the USCPF further East who Myriad is wanted by. Though, due to recent interactions where the USCPF have proven to be hardheaded, Myriad is not looking for a friendship.

CDF - Negative, non-hostile. The CDF in the Lake Mead Valley are separated from the CDF further East who Myriad is wanted by. Therefore, Myriad has no direct conflict.

SLF - Positive, trade partners. The big dog of the region, the SLF provides a unique opportunity for Myriad to work freely without ‘government’ intervention. So long as Myriad plays by SLF rules (not raiding, not attacking the town, delivering SEAL tech), Myriad can openly work.

The Light Brigade - Hostile. Originally just seen as a rival, TLB took the first step in hostility, kidnapping Marco Reyes and torturing him. This, along with several armed conflicts among gang members, has led to Myriad drawing lines in the sand and preparing for conflict. And they are ready to win, but have left it on a note of 'fuck off', to keep TLB from making any further hostilities. So far, they have listened.

Maverick's Claw - Neutral, business competition. Myriad has had no interaction with the MC aside from rumor and passing notice. Though, they do share our sphere of 'guns for hire', so we view them as competition, but nothing hostile.

The Racketeers - Neutral. A new relationship had formed, but was quickly crumpled when Myriad couldn’t hold up their end professionally. The two groups have returned to an uneasy neutral stance, where they want nothing to do with Myriad, but there is absolutely no hostility.

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