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An advertisement posted around various locations in the wastes. It's now used as trading cards and or toilet paper.

Taco Man's Tacos is a company operating in Dock Town. It is owned by Taco Man, a mysterious Mexican from some other place. He once came to Dock Town, setting up a shop and selling free tacos to visitors.


It was formed in 2069, when Taco Man visited Dock Town to buy taco meat. He decided to stay, setting up shop in that one store thing with the cash register. He regularly sold free tacos, but this was halted when he was robbed by "Taco Stealer". He fought off Taco Stealer, but lost a hefty amount of tacos. He sought tighter security, and eventually hired a guy wearing bunny ears to become his "Taco Chef/Maker". Taco Man then dubbed himself as Taco Seller, and sold free tacos around the wastes while Taco Maker made tacos and sold at Dock Town. 

What happened to the company is lost to history, but there are reports of something with some guy not liking Mexican hats, a SEAL robot, and Taco Nab waking up Taco Seller in the middle of the night. Many assume it was put out of business by a scavenger named Gordon, who cleaned up a pre-war McDonald's and opened it after an hour long lore argument with somebody who thinks opening a McDonald's is lore breaking. 


  • Taco Man
  • Taco Seller


  • Taco Thief, who attempted multiple heists on the shop. All have ended in semi-failure.


  • Standard taco
  • Super Deluxe taco
  • Extra taco
  • Spicy taco
  • Dorito taco
  • Mutant taco
  1. GhoulsLivesMatter taco
  • Super Ultra Deluxe taco
  • Space taco
  • Human taco
  • Feral taco
  • Condom taco
  • Taco with extra dip
  • Taco with Zaxby's sauce
  • CDF Taco: a limited time taco, that was served to injured CDF soldiers who arrived at Dock Town. 
  • American Taco: the only taco that isn't free. It's made with American flags, printed photos of Donald Trump, and spray painted gold. It's worth 30 PWD (is that what it's called?)