-FULL VERSION- (Required to read for SOD or incoming SOD) Following the utter collapse and loss of military and government in the immediate aftermath of the Flash, the United States found itself thrown into a state of chaos and anarchy. Not only did feral mutants plague the wastes, but insurrection, anarchists, as well as bandit groups wreaked havoc on the populace that couldn’t defend itself. The USCPF was formed to restore order, and as it’s name implies, preserve civilization in the United States of America. To this end, the USCPF began a sort of campaign of reclamation, taking back what was theirs from hostile groups as well as eliminating any feral mutant on sight. The USCPF began to slowly rebuild it’s cities, even constructing fledgling colonies of thousands of people by the 2040s. However, the United States government grew impatient. Using former 75th Army Rangers and Green Berets, the USCPF trained and funded a new generation of elite soldiers in 2041. This new generation of special forces, originally known as the Experimental Special Task Force (ESTF), numbered relatively low, only with about 200 combat personnel. Spread thin and wide, the ESTF managed to complete a wide variety of tasks. ESTF soldiers were hailed as being saviors of whole platoons, with only a couple of squads being able to take down what seemed as a whole block of feral mutants. Soldiers nicknamed these special forces as “Marauders.” The USCPF used the enthusiasm and accomplishments of the ESTF as propaganda, bringing in more recruits. The USCPF found it’s little experiment to be a fledgling success, with demands for more of these soldiers to be put under the direct control of the USCPF. By the 2060s, with members exceeding five thousand combat personnel, these soldiers were issued as a division-level military asset. However, unlike most divisions, this one was given the ability to operate independent from the USCPF command structure. This division was named the “Special Operations Division”, and as the name implies, they continued to complete special tasks, most of which included the wide and specific extermination of mutant infestation, ACMF remnants, and anarchists/bandits. Following the Atlanta Crisis in 2096, most of SOD was transferred to various hotspots across the Eastern United States. On the Eastern Front, SOD were the key commandos that were sent in for raids, supply line disruption, sabotage, assassination, and basically any high profile mission. Special Operations Personnel are equipped with the most advanced weaponry and gear the USCPF have to offer, including explosives, FLIR technology, as well as rare items such as shockbreaches in some cases. Operators are guaranteed to have the best training available within the USCPF.

Role Guide

In firefights themselves, the roles of a SOD operator will determine how they react to the engagement. Here’s a basic layout of their role within the fireteam.

Operators: The basic Special Forces. Extremely versatile and lethal. They make up the majority of a fireteam, and are all around great soldiers.

Combat Medic First aid specialists, these soldiers carry a trauma pack and other medical items to patch soldiers up. Although they're not exactly brain surgeons, they can treat otherwise lethal wounds with their large medical kits. Combat Medics are expected to immediately administer medical attention to any USCPF soldier in need, when they need it.

Marksmen Soldiers with exceptionally accurate aim, these men and women carry an extremely lethal M14 modern derivative,. Although not full blown snipers, being seen part of a section rather than separate from the group, they sometimes use higher caliber sniper rifles, like the ASR-50. In engagements, they break off from the rest of the fireteam and support them by providing overwatch from the rear. If equipped with an ASR-50, they’ll be expected to disable light armored vehicles if no one else can. As a pseudo-sniper, you’re expected to relocate frequently.

Heavy Weapons Specialists These are soldiers that specialize in heavy explosives, especially in regards to anti-vehicular combat. When needed, these soldiers can carry grenade launchers, small mortars, as well as rocket launchers in order to smash enemy armor or fortifications. If permitted to use such weapons, they are put on anti vehicle duty. If permitted to use mortars within the raid, they will set up and bombard enemy positions, and move rapidly between firing volleys.

Weapons Specialists The big guns of the squad. They are assigned as a squad’s fire support, often sporting an unusual amount of ammo as well as an LMG, to give a squad the ability to lock down and suppress. In firefights, they are expected to mostly suppress the enemy while the rest of the fireteam picks enemy forces off.

Pathfinders These soldiers are trained in scouting as well as heavily trained in surveillance tactics and stealth, even moreso than other SOD. Also functioning as lone scouts, they are usually the pointman of a SOD fireteam, going ahead of them in order to determine weaknesses in an enemy, or bring back other important intel. Due to their nature of operating behind enemy lines, Pathfinders are given the training and equipment in order to lay down traps for hostiles. These can include explosive tripwires, or mines. Due to their equipment (Refer to the SOD weapons/gear guide) Pathfinders place an emphasis on CQB, breaching, and ambushes. Strobe lights allow them to have a very dangerous advantage when in CQB and breaching, while they have the opportunity to set up ambushes with their traps.