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After the Flash, most of the United States Naval infrastructure was destroyed. Over 95% of the ships under US command were lost to ocean swells or sheer destruction. Without a functioning chain of command, most USN vessels still caught at sea made their way to the nearest mainland and their crews abandon or scuttled the ships. Eventually what remained of the United States Navy declared themselves to the newly formed USCPF and were integrated to the command structure. However, at the time, the USCPF lacked the munitions and materials to maintain the vessels that they had acquired, so the Navy was put on hiatus with its personnel finding themselves reassigned to other divisions.

By the early 2060s, the USCPF wanted to begin oceanic exploration to see what remained of the pre-flash nations across the sea. High Command realized that a force dedicated to coastal protection and naval mobility was necessary to retrieve, restore, and rearm the remaining ships that once belonged to the United States. Ground teams were organized to capture and restore integral Naval bases, such as NS Norfolk, NS Mayport, and NAS Jacksonville, The Coast Guard Base outside Rockport, NB San Diego. Ships that were in severe destruction were retrieved and salvaged with the intention to make new ships.

The USCPFN officially began operating as singular fleet in 2064. The Navy works to protect USCPF controlled Coastlines, to complete the three Rs of Ship Recovery, and complete any other maritime operations of the USCPF. The USCPFN stations Sailors on ships on their coastlines for permanent and temporary deployment and currently operates several vessels, naval stations, and bases.

Role Guide

RP Rules: The USCPF Navy should follow all ATF and USCPF Rules. The USCPF Navy must have an HR+ present to RP any actions regarding the Winfall or other RPs. This includes picking up anchor, firing cannons, and sending out little expedition teams. Otherwise, the USCPFN is expected to maintain the ship they're stationed on when roleplaying without HR present.

Special Rank Descriptions: [SR] Operations Specialist: The Operations Specialist operates the Radar, Sonar, and Communications devices inside the Combat Information (CIC) or Combat Direction Center (CDC) aka the Bridge. [SR] Engineer: The Engineer operates and maintains the Engine and other mechanisms below the deck a ship. [SR] Weapons Technician: The Weapons Technician operates and maintains the weapons aboard a ship, using them to fire upon enemies and test the weapons. [SR] Corpsman: The Corpsman is the principal medical staff aboard a ship. [LR] Seaman: The recruit rank of the Navy, used for assignment and learning before becoming a SR.

You should refer to other sailors by their Naval rank, role, or the term “Sailor”. Any HR or C rank should be referred to as “Sir”, “Ma’am”, or their universal Naval rank.

Naval rank guide: The following USCPF Ranks correspond to the following Naval Ranks: Enlisted: Seaman Recruit Private: Seaman Private First Class: Petty Officer 3rd Class Corporal: PO 2nd Class Sergeant: Petty Officer 1st Class Staff Sergeant: Chief Petty Officer 2nd Lieutenant: Ensign 1st Lieutenant: Lieutenant Jr. Grade Captain: Lieutenant Major: Commander Colonel: Captain