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The USCPFAD was created a year after the Atlanta Crisis, on September 24th, 2097. The USCPFAD is mostly composed of drivers, technicians, and tankers. Their Commanding Officer is the highest rank, as he or she is the one who oversees all operations as they unfold. After the 21st of June, most of the heavier vehicles (tanks, APCs) in Fort Shad are useless, forcing any USCPFAD to request more heavy vehicles from the other 2 forts on the US-PRT border or from further north.

Role Guide

Technician: Technicians work at Fort Shad and occasionally in the field. Their job is to repair and maintain vehicles. They have a tool belt which carries light tools, but bigger, heavy-duty repair tools can be found in the garages at Shad. They’re armed with a Maxwell for self-defense in the field.

Tank Crew: Tank Crewmen are the AD members who operate tanks. They work in groups of three, a spotter, a tank driver, and a cannon operator. Similar to Technicians, they are armed with a Maxwell for self-defense in case their tank is heavily damaged. The main battle tank of the USCPF is a NORTH TANK [sic]

Vehicle Drivers: The job of a Driver is obvious. They operate vehicles such as trucks and APCs. Drivers DO NOT drive tanks. Since Drivers are usually sent into the thick of things with lighter vehicles, they are given Hykes and rigs in case they're forced to get into combat. Drivers are trained to never abandon their vehicles. (unless they are destroyed or about to be destroyed).

Head Technician: The Head Technician oversees the work of the technicians and can classify in the officer ranks. Cap is one.

Officer: Officers oversee the work of all the other roles. To be an officer, you must be very active in the AD and be an HR in the USCPF. IC ranks for Officer are 2nd Lt. to Lieutenant Colonel.