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The USCPF Pack is a weapons pack for After the Flash: Rain, introduced in version 1.0.4. It gives players access to the weapons of the United States Civilization Preservation Force of the mid-to-late 2090s. They are touted to be of high quality. ASR-50

The ASR-50 is an anti-material rifle assigned to those meant to remove armored targets, and was mainly assigned to the USCPF, bur some bought by DECorp. This was chambered in .50 BMG, holding ten rounds. It had an integral bipod, and had an integral scope on it.


The ASR-50 GPMG is an automatic version of the ASR-50, having a belt-line stacked in a 60-round box mag beside it. It also had an integral bipod, and had a bigger stock.


Also known as the ASR-Lightweight, this was a semi-auto 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge user, removing the bipod, having a smaller stock, as well as a smaller barrel. The mag port was smaller, and had a magazine capacity of 20.


This is an iconic weapon of the USCPF, coming in many forms, and each used differently.

The standard version is an assault rifle using a lightweight polycarbonate black coating over the gun. The stock is extended, and the gun is chambered in 5.56 NATO. The mag can carry 30 rounds.

Levi-3 PDW

A much smaller version, this was chambered in 5.56 NATO, but had a smaller and foldable stock, 20 rounds, a smaller fore end, as well as a shortened barrel. It had a polyurethane and carbon black coating over the gun.


After the nuclear catastrophe, .45 in any form was seen obsolete, and had too big of a punch to it. The Mendel was then made, using 9x19mm Parabellum. It had a high fire-rate, and unlike the Mendel-11, had a carbon graphite grip. It held 12 rounds at best, and was reliable and durable.