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After the Flash Timeline


  • November 14th, 2020: DECorp (DESERT Corporation) is founded as an advanced weapons engineering corporation.
  • Unknown: The region of land at the end of the Middle Loch in Pearl Harbor between the Farrington Highway and the Queen Liliuokalani Fairway becomes a medium-sized military-industrial city.


  • May 13th, 2021: Cerberus Dynamics is founded as a private biotechnology research corporation.
  • October 24th, 2021: The first real hologram in a film, is used in an indirect announcement and showcase of working holograms.
  • Jaunary 20th, 2021: President Ted Skavinsky is inaugurated into the United States Presidency after a hard-fought campaign along with his Vice President, Lamar Johnson.


  • May 30th, 2022: Under the guise of assaulting terrorist strongholds, Turkey bombs multiple Kurdish-held towns in Syria.
  • June 22nd, 2022: Iranian-funded militias strengthen their influence in Iraq by taking over jobs typically handled by Iraq’s own military.
  • August 30th, 2022: Crimean separatists attack southern parts of Ukraine with the support of the Russian Federation.
  • October 13th, 2022: China’s goals become increasingly nationalistic and expansionist. It seizes official control of the South China Sea, denying other Countries from entering.
  • November 6th, 2022: Vintech Industries (VTi) is founded in Japan after major political and economic reforms. They specialize in weapons development and advanced electronics systems.


  • February 23rd, 2023: Development of the Synthetically Engineered Assault League (SEAL) program was commissioned by the United States.
  • March 5th, 2023: Turkish Special Forces are dispatched across the borders of Syria and Iraq to eliminate Kurdish commandos, much to the dismay of the international community. Among the Countries that back this decision is the Russian Federation.
  • April 19th, 2023: The Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO) is formed, with the United States, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea among its founding members.
  • September 10th, 2023: Russian-backed separatists carry out attacks to claim cities across Eastern Europe, destabilizing the governments of multiple Countries such as Latvia, Belarus, and Estonia.
  • October 6th, 2023: The technological evolution of virtual reality and holographic technology leads to the large scale use of HUDs (Heads-Up Displays). HUD technologies are distributed and utilized by militaries, mega corporations and recreational companies across the globe.


  • January 9th, 2024: VTi opens a western headquarters within Arizona, United States.
  • April 5th, 2024: The People’s Republic of China undergoes major political reforms. Under the leadership of Emperor Xi Jinping, the nationalist government of the New Chinese Empire is created.
  • June 22nd, 2024: Cerberus Dynamics presents the first prototype of an Auto-Doc at a medical conference. It's labeled as a massive success and investors begin to flock to the company, with the sacrifice of many in the medical industry fearing their jobs to be at risk.
  • July 5th, 2024: The military alliance of the Asian Continental Military Force (ACMF) is formed with hopes of deterring Western aggression. Its founding members are China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea.
  • July 13th, 2024: Turkey formally leaves the North Atlantic Treaty Organization due to perceived hostilities from its members.
  • July 24th, 2024: Russian troops cross the Russo-Georgian border. Within a month, the entire country of Georgia is occupied by Russia.
  • September 22nd, 2024: A series of well-organized terrorist attacks are carried out across India. With their casualties combined, they come to be known as the deadliest attacks in India’s history.
  • September 30th, 2024: Evidence surfaces tracing the terrorist attacks back to the Pakistani government. India amasses its military along their international border and attacks. A full-scale invasion begins.
  • October 3rd, 2024: Heavy dependence on China leads South Africa, Morocco, Algeria, Sudan and Libya to announce their support for the ACMF. The ACMF begin to build bases and station their men in these Countries under the guise of peacekeeping.
  • October 23rd, 2024: With Indian forces distracted in their war against Pakistan, the New Chinese Empire launches an invasion to reclaim its disputed territories with India and expand beyond them. The Indian military stands no chance and is quickly pushed back by China.
  • October 27th, 2024: Pakistan makes heavy gains in its war against India. Around this time, it declares itself an ally of the ACMF.
  • November 3rd, 2024: The American people re-elect Ted Skavinsky as their President.
  • November 29th, 2024: Holograms are officially sold in the civilian market, immobile versions being installed in public buildings, and handheld holograms being used mostly by the upper-class.
  • December 2nd, 2024: The government of Syria allies itself with the ACMF, allowing its troops to move through their territory.
  • Unknown: The Sandstorm edition of Sunburn radio (Sunburned) starts.


  • January 14th, 2025: India, Pakistan, and China sign a peace agreement, ending their conflict. The war is a major victory for the ACMF, leaving India with a heavy loss of territory.
  • January 25th, 2025: Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan announce their support for the ACMF. ACMF troops are now allowed to move freely in their territory.
  • February 7th, 2025: Cerberus Dynamics, VTi and DECorp are given a collaborative contract to work on the SEAL program.
  • March 3rd, 2025: Belarus announces its unwavering support for the ACMF and allows Russian forces to move freely through its territory.
  • October 17th, 2025: Turkey announces its membership of the ACMF to the world.
  • October 21st, 2025: With urging from Turkey, Turkmenistan announces their support for the ACMF.
  • November 13th, 2025: The New Chinese Empire launches an invasion on Mongolia. Land-locked by the ACMF, the Country is completely occupied within two months.
  • November 24th, 2025: An Iranian official is killed while travelling in Saudi Arabia. Already heated tensions between the two countries rise further.
  • December 23rd, 2025: Iran assaults multiple Saudi Arabian naval vessels in the Persian Gulf.


  • February 20th, 2026: High-tech prosthetics start to be sold publicly around the world.
  • October 8th, 2026: Auto-docs become available to the public across the United States.
  • October 22nd, 2026: Turkey begins an invasion of Cyprus, Greece, and Bulgaria with support from the rest of the ACMF.
  • October 23rd, 2026: The Russian Armed Forces cross the borders of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Ukraine. With the governments of each country heavily destabilized and a slow reaction from NATO, the Russians are only stopped from completely taking Ukraine, Latvia, and Lithuania.
  • October 24th, 2026: NATO declares war against the Russian Federation and Turkey.
  • October 25th, 2026: The Islamic Republic of Iran begins its invasion of Iraq and Saudi Arabia.
  • October 28th, 2026: War is officially declared between the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Southeast Asia Treaty Organization, and the parallel Asian Continental Military Force. Numerous anti-war radical demonstrations break out following the declaration of war, and the future of humanity is left uncertain. The threat of nuclear warfare becomes a very real concern in the minds of many citizens.
  • November 1st, 2026: The Chinese Navy surrounds Taiwan and creates a blockade, preventing allies from coming to its rescue. They begin a full-scale invasion of the island Country and fully capture it within a month.
  • December 1st, 2026: ACMF forces begin to assault NATO vessels in the Mediterranean Sea through the territory of their African allies.
  • December 15th, 2026: With worries that the current size of its military would be too small to handle a global war, the United States reinstates the draft. Millions of American men and women are conscripted into the various branches of the US military.
  • December 20th, 2026: NATO, primarily the United States Army, starts to deploy troops in Syria, Israel, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia to combat Turkey and Iran. The United States Marine Corps is deployed in South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore.


  • January 18th, 2027: The NCE starts building re-education camps for civilians and enemy personnel in occupied territory. They would use these in each Country they conquered throughout the war.
  • March 30th, 2027: The New Chinese Empire begins a massive campaign against parts of Southeast Asia, invading Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand. Even with the help of SEATO, Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar are eventually forced to capitulate. This allows the NCE to move onto Thailand and other SEATO members in the region.
  • April 17th, 2027: With the world powers distracted by World War Three, several countries take the opportunity to settle old disputes through conflict. This is first seen in Africa, with Eritrea declaring war on Ethiopia to retake occupied land.
  • May 5th, 2027: Egypt agrees to support the ACMF through trade and access to its territories.
  • June 17th, 2027: Pakistan invades Afghanistan with significant help from the NCE. Surrounded by two ACMF countries and their allies, NATO is forced to retreat.
  • August 2nd, 2027: A joint effort between multiple energy mega corporations eventually completes the research needed to commercialize fusion power after decades of work. Fusion reactors begin installation within major cities and military strongholds throughout America.
  • December 30th, 2027: The New Chinese Empire begins an invasion of the northern Philippines, encountering heavy resistance from SEATO. The Philippines is never fully captured by China, and they remained locked in a stalemate throughout the war.


  • February 19th, 2028: With construction of land, air and naval bases finished in Morocco, ACMF countries would begin sending troops to Morocco, with an invasion of southern Spain and Portugal beginning. This would grind to a stalemate within a few months.
  • June 11th, 2028: Several ACMF Countries launch programs to forcefully enlist the civilians of their captured territories.
  • September 29th, 2028: Kim Jong-Un of North Korea is assassinated by an accused South Korean agent, leading to a major uproar in North Korea.
  • October 2nd, 2028, 2:35 PM EST: With the goal of avenging their leader, North Korean forces crossed the 38th Parallel in the largest military operation in the Korean Peninsula since the First Korean War. A significant number of NCE troops are dispatched to assist them in their invasion of South Korea. The “Second Korean War” as it would come to be known begins.
  • October 2nd, 2028, 3:02 PM EST: SEATO intervenes in the Second Korean War.
  • November 2nd, 2028: Jacob G. McCormmick is elected President of the United States with the promise of ending World War Three.


  • August 13th: The National Coastal Protection Bill passes in the United States Congress. Construction of coastal railguns around the United States and its territories begins.
  • December 15th: The first Auto-doc is installed in an ambulance, making national news due to its technological achievement.
  • Unknown: Osaka Park is built.


  • April 23rd: The New Chinese Empire invades Japan after conflict escalates. Due to the intervention of SEATO in Japan, the invasion is halted roughly around the city of Osaka in the Japanese mainland island of Honshu to avoid wide-scale conflict. ACMF forces assume full control of the southern border, with Japanese fighters being force-conscripted into the ACMF to fight alongside them.
  • July 18th: The United States lands the first spacecraft on Mars. Development of a small colony begins soon afterwards.


  • March 19th: As Allied forces capture Pyongyang, an ICBM carrying a nuclear warhead is fired from an unknown location in the Hamgyong region of North Korea. It obliterates the capital, killing millions of people in a single strike. The rest of the ACMF is quick to distance themselves from the attack.
  • March 21st: The New Chinese Empire abandons most of North Korea and pulls its troops back near their border with the country. It allows some North Koreans to seek refuge in China, but forces others to stay and fight.
  • Unknown: India left ACMF for unknown reasons.
  • Unknown: A technology designed in 2031 as a precaution following the usage of a Nuclear Warhead in the end of the Second Korean War, the Deradiator serum became a significant tool for survivors of The Flash. Flushing the user's system of radiation, Deradiators would be routinely used to prevent radiation sickness, though their usage in creating Outcasts was soon learned.


  • July 31st: The government of Venezuela allows the ACMF to access its territory. A small amount of troops are subsequently stationed there.
  • October 27th: The amount of ACMF troops stationed in Venezuela increases rapidly.
  • October 28th: The United States builds up a naval blockade near Puerto Rico.
  • November 1st: A large fleet of ACMF naval vessels and aircraft are dispatched from Venezuela. They pass Puerto Rico and engage in a tremendous battle with US forces. The coastal railgun defenses see their first real use.
  • November 2nd, 2:43 AM EST: Invasions from both sides of the conflict occur. The United States of America launches a massive coastal invasion on China, with the invasion forces spearheaded primarily by the 32nd Marines. At the same time of the Chinese coastal invasion, Primarily Russian based ACMF forces arrive arrive on the South and South-Eastern Gulf of Florida in MPD-27s.
  • November 2nd, 2:08 PM EST: The first nuclear weapons are detonated over the United States of America, with the Gulf of Mexico being a significant target. At roughly the same time, the last invading ACMF troops land on the eastern American seaboard, returning fire on NATO forces. Millions of people are killed around the world as nukes are exchanged between the ACMF and NATO. The previously unknown SEAL project saw operation during the Gulf Invasion, many of its members who were still training were rushed to defend Rockport before total nuclear annihilation. A few moments after the ACMF invasion is quenched, more nuclear warheads blanket the United States of America, with all major metropolitan areas being targeted.
  • November 2nd, 2:17 PM EST: The United States Air Force battalion stationed in Lake Mead, Arizona launch five successful intercontinental ICBM warheads against the ACMF, striking key locations such as capitals and beloved monuments. One missile fails to launch.
  • November 2nd, 3:38 PM EST: The last few nuclear warheads are launched from both sides of the conflict, and total nuclear annihilation ensues. The population of Earth is crippled, heavily plummeting with the majority of humanity killed by the nuclear blasts. The collapse of governments across the world begins, with surviving government branches and officials fleeing to nuclear shelters in an attempt to reemerge anew and to rebuild society as we know it. The surface is beyond unlivable at this point, with radiation running rampant in all major metropolitan parts of the world. EMP waves knock out electricity grids in many nations.
  • November 3rd: Brutal clashes fueled by fury and passion begin between the remaining NATO and ACMF military remnants in Rockport. These on-and-off conflicts would continue for years to come, and the ones that immediately followed the flash would become known as some of the most intense battles between the ACMF and NATO.
  • December 1st: The first signs RAD-X appear in the United States. It spreads rapidly across the Country.
  • Unknown: In a secret Missile Base, the controllers and technicians were killed after ACMF missiles exploded, creating a crater hole and making the missile (or more) un-launched.
  • Unknown: Japan targeted by China due to US Marine Corps stationed for impending invasion of China.
  • Unknown: Inmates inside Halfmoon Correctional Facility escape. (Separate timeline)
  • Unknown: Camp Nagasaki is constructed.


  • January 1st: The President and surviving body of government sign the American Preservation Act which calls for what remains of the armed forces to unify. The newly formed USCPF (United States Civilization Preservation Force) hold the mission of reclaiming the wasteland and the eradication of the mutant virus.
  • January 2nd: The occupants of Fort Viridian begin an effort to search for their families. Those who are found alive are brought back to the Fort for safety.
  • January 17th: A layer of smoke and ash starts to fall in a similar process to snow across countries heavily affected by nuclear warfare, such as the United States, China, Russia, and Japan. The sun is blotted out and the landscape becomes extremely cold and barren. The Nuclear Winter begins.
  • September 19th: An alliance of scrap settlements establish the Civilian Defense Front, an organization with the goal of providing basic essentials to survivors in need and rebuilding a civilization out of the ashes.
  • Unknown: Doors to Osaka Medical Bunker closed.


  • May 8th: The USCPF develops the name Radiation Accelerated Disease for mutation process.
  • November 24th: The CDF begin a policy of reaching out to settlements through a vast network of scouts to join their cause and fly the CDF banner. This continues throughout their lifetime, which allows them to expand across the nation quickly.
  • Unknown: Rockport Police Station falls to the raiders.


  • February 6th: Fort Ever Grande is established by the CDF sect in Lake Mead. It becomes a place for civilians to seek refuge during the nuclear winter.
  • November 13th: The CDF and occupants of Fort Viridian officially begin trading. Both factions prosper through the nuclear winter under this trading policy.


  • December 3rd: The CDF begins construction of Craterview atop two flat mesas at the center of the valley. Construction starts small, with a few wooden shacks. The town gets its name from its ability to see the far off nuclear crater.


  • May 17th: The occupants of Bridge Town, North Carolina, are contacted by the CDF. They agree to join their cause and Bridge Town officially became a territory of the CDF.


  • January 1st: The nuclear winter starts to end in America. As the ash dissipates, it leaves behind a desolate landscape of sand and barren dryland. The Dustbowl Era begins.
  • May 24th: The CDF establish a solar plant out of the ruins of an old spa near Bridgetown.
  • Unknown: Rogue ex-Seals formed the Southwest Libertarian Front (SLF).


  • Unknown (.5 timeline) After The Flash: Overcast takes place.


  • January 19th: The nuclear winter that had enveloped most of the Earth is officially declared over, as temperatures rise to regular levels and weather returns to normal.
  • February 8th: Japanese civilians and military held prisoner in a Chinese internment camp lead an uprising against their overseers. Dozens of NCE troops are left dead or injured and the prisoners successfully escape. Using their newly acquired gear, they go on to form the NJLF (New Japanese Liberation Front).
  • May 26th: Civilians and military remnants living in Northern Japan form the RSW (Rising Sun Warriors). Their goal is to create an honor-based society harkening back to ancient Japan. With easy access to US and Japanese technology undamaged by the invasion, they become a powerful and influential group.
  • September 17th: A chemical leak from a Chinese chemical weapon in the Omaru Point Medical Bunker causes the deaths of its inhabitants. The status of the previously developed cure is left uncertain.


  • March 11th: Camp Heywood is established by the USCPF Marine Corps in the North Carolina Outer Banks.
  • December 2nd - 6th: Some stranded ACMF remnants primarily made up of Ventrox special forces finally complete repairs on their MPD-27 dropship on the outskirts of Rockport, Florida. With hopes of returning to Russia, they fly the aircraft out of Rockport. They pass several States before being shot down by USCPF Marines over the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The survivors build a camp near the crash site.


  • Unknown (Alternate Timeline): After The Flash 4 takes place.


  • March 12th: ACMF remnants assault and successfully take control of the CDF’s solar plant in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
  • March 20th: The USCPF Marines attack the ACMF’s solar plant and retake it for themselves. Power from the solar panels is redirected to Camp Heywood.
  • July 31st: The Sunburned Radio channel is established.


  • April 28th: Fort Victory is established in the town of Omaru Point, Japan. This town is close to Osaka, Japan.


  • June 18th: The Rising Sun Warriors and New Japanese Liberation Front declare war on each other following the murder of an RSW Peacewalker.


  • March 14th: USCPF actively begins printing out new equipment based on the pre-war era designs that are modified to fit the new scenario that the USCPF faces, a lack of resources as a whole and a need for a cheap and cost-effective way to arm their troops, many of the newly printed out equipment were given to regiments and troops further down south to aid in reclaiming parts of America and to replace broken and malfunctioning equipment.


  • Unknown: MEB formed


  • October 24th: The USCPF begin to expand into Lake Mead. Several US settlements are formed in and around the region.


  • November 3rd: The military remnants that have lived within Fort Viridian, Arizona since the beginning of the nuclear winter begin to radicalize their beliefs, publicly announcing their new name and flag. They are known as the Southwest Libertarian Front.
  • Unknown: Osaka Medical Bunker doors open.
    • In 2037, the doors opened briefly, but nobody knows who came out.


  • September 18th: The Civilian Defense Front purchases a Rockport dockyard from the USCPF. Construction of Docktown begins soon afterward.
  • September 24th: The Civilian Defense Front’s sect in Lake Mead is assaulted by SLF artillery at Fort Ever Grande, killing dozens.
  • September 25th: A message is delivered by the SLF to the CDF in Craterview: abandon the town or receive further shelling from their artillery. The CDF begrudgingly vacates the premises, leaving Craterview under the SLF’s influence.
  • September 27th: The CDF approach the Goldfield Mountain Complex to request an alliance. The USCPF agrees and allows them to stay in the bunker for the time being.


  • Unknown: USCPF GPS satellite loses signal with the ground
  • March 2nd: The construction of Docktown is complete. Renovations continue to be made for the next few years, but the town inhabitable and open for refugees.
  • May 31st: The USCPF makes a large push into the ruins of Las Vegas in an attempt to regain control of the city. They face extreme resistance from the various powerhouse factions within it.
  • April 14th, 2056: Protests in Craterview led by a leader who spoke a passion-filled speech about the SLF and the puppet government of Craterview, led to the poor and hungry of Crateriew marching to Fort Viridian to protest.
    • Conditions were made by the SLF, in which they would not interfere in the affairs of Craterview, they would still assist them in times of need.
    • The leader of the protest was soon captured by a SEAL and a Miridian high rank.
    • The man was reluctantly released by the SLF, citing miscommunication as the cause of his capture. Although he appears to have been beaten.
  • April 28th, 2056: Two supply trucks sent by the SLF are sent to Craterview in the morning, handing out crates of food until nightfall.
    • A Colonel of the SLF announces the plan to create the watchmen program, in which SLF soldiers are stationed to protect the town and uphold the law, whilst still upholding their ideals of non-interference.
  • June XX, 2056: Reports from disheveled caravans and confused traders travelling along the interstate tell tales of various things. Some say a massive dust storm is coming, whilst others say a faction is on the warpath.
  • June 16th, 2056: The USCPF make a push to capture the Las Vegas Strip from bandit factions residing there.
  • June 20th, 2056: Following a signal flare, the stores of Craterview below the cliff were ransacked by unknown thieves in the night.
    • Following the sacking of the stores, a man appears in Craterview, criticising the SLF and the Mayor's incompetence. Mayor Bensen is rushed out of the town to safety by some SLF soldiers.
  • June 21st, 2056: Leaflet bombs shot into Craterview by a USCPF mortar team contain propaganda attacking the inaction of the SLF.
  • June 22nd, 2056: The Mayor appears in town again, guarded by a group of armed mercenaries. The Mayor has locked himself in his tower, refusing to exit.
  • June 23rd, 2056: The man appears in Craterview yet again, with a platform and podium set up for protests. He brutally attacks the uselessness of the SLF, and the inaction of the Mayor. He urges the citizens to take action.
    • The Mayor's tower is set upon by rioters.
    • The Mayor ordered tear gas to be fired into the crowd, further enraging them.
    • Shootings occurred, with reports of rioters killed.
    • The Mayor escaped from Craterview with his armed guards. The Mayor is no longer welcome anywhere near Craterview.
  • June 24th, 2056: The SLF disband the Watchmen Program, pulling the remaining SLF soldiers back to Fort Viridian.
  • June 25th, 2056: The Mayor and a bodyguard are captured by masked civilians. They are brought to Craterview.
    • The bodyguard was shot in the back of the head.
    • Mayor Bensen was killed with an axe to his brain.
    • The civilians escaped via rappel.
  • June 26th, 2056: Aaron Bliss, the leader of the previous riots and protests, becomes mayor of Craterview of his own volition, with the approval of the citizens.
  • June 26th, 2056: A large dust bowl has been confirmed to have consumed a large part of New Mexico. It is unknown what direction it is currently travelling.
  • July 8th: The USCPF Strategy Development Group is deployed in the lake mead region of Arizona to support their efforts to reclaim the region from the SLF.
  • July 11th, Bliss creates a small guard force
  • July 11th, A caravan reaches Craterview after being sacked, originally consisting of 11 members they were wittled down to 3-4 wounded survivors, claiming they were attacked by a large group of people going in the same direction as them
  • July 15th, The SLF places Speakers in the Badlands, blasting out propaganda in an attempt to demoralise the USCPF and CDF
  • July 15th, Same as the previous month, a group of bandits loot the poorly guarded Storage building to no resistance, although they were be intercepted by the Mavericks Claw, only allowing afew to escape, these men were revealed to be members of the Mavericks Claw, who claimed that they had the willingness to help Craterview if the need arises
  • Unknown, post July 15th: The SLF Propoganda is hijacked, playing anime music.
  • July 16th: Mayor Bliss commends the Mavericks Claw on there change of character, claiming that an alliance may be declared,in addition to that, Descendants and Outcasts were banned from entering Craterview, giving them 24 hours to gather there things, he also announced a ban on organised Mercenary groups, specifically the Myriad
  • July 18th: Bliss announces the creation of a Craterview Militia Guard, citing the failure of the SLF and only partial success of the Mavericks Claw at stopping the Bandits from looting the Storage building
  • July 19th: Craterview would be attacked by a large group of mutants, they would work with the Mavericks Claw to attack the mutant stronghold in Craterview, killing most of the mutants, although there leader, a RAD-8A/Malicious One was able to escape to the Biomass
  • July 22nd: The alliance with the Mavericks Claw was formalised in a speech by Bliss, aswell as the Solar Field used to power the town
  • July 23rd: The number of Robberies and missing persons in Boulder Cove increased, reports indicate these were incredibly violent
  • July 24th: A small group of Bandits in Boulder Cove would be assaulted and destroyed by the Mavericks Claw, unbeknownst to them, this was but a small detatchment of a much larger gang, several vehicles would arrive in Boulder Cove, attacking the unsuspecting Mavericks Claw from Behind, slaughtering them all mercilessly, they then would move toward Craterview, assaulting the Town, massacring any who would resist them, the attack was spearheaded by a man in a modified Raider Suit with a skull on the shoulder. The gang, calling themselves "The Coyotes" would begin clearing the town building to building, gathering up the surrendering townspeople and forcing them into the open, Bliss and his associates would attempt to escape, but were confronted and the Guard leader would be killed, while Bliss would be taken captive and brutally tortured before being brutally executed on the balcony, in full view of all the people. The remaining members of the Mavericks Claw would flee to Bakerfield, Mayor Bliss and all of his associates have either been killed or fled, Toms Fishburgers has been destroyed and Craterview, along with all its people, now belongs to the Coyotes
  • September 9th: The Coyotes are driven out of Craterview and the Lake Mead Valley.
  • September 14th: An armistice until December 21st is agreed upon between the USCPF, the CDF, the SLF and their allies.
  • September 16th: Craterview reestablishes an independent government under a triumvirate.
  • December 21st: The armistice is broken by the USCPF in a surprise assault on Fort Viridian. War resumes in the region.


  • February 16th: The biomass started to expand again
  • February 21st: A raid by the mutants took all over craterview,ending with the eliminination and infectation of a big number of citizens on craterview,the biomass took all over craterview and the rest of the survivors are now located inside a small camp on the badlands
  • February 22nd: The CDF sets up a refugee camp on the mesas near the GMC. People flock to this area, as well as the islands, to escape the biomass.
  • February 23rd: The GCSA injects the biomass with a serum, causing it to discolour and become grey.
  • February 28th: The CDF refugee camp, with the combined efforts of both the craterview population, former CV Guardsmen and Women, and the CDF, is turned into a humongous scrap town referred to as ‘Cliffguard’. It becomes the main Scrap Town in Arizona, replacing CV, and was aptly named due to it‘s ‘castle-like’ appearance.
  • 1st of March: The CDF loses the Pit to 'dark' people, which then pushed the CDF out.
  • Match 11th: The 'dark' people are found to be the ''Corrupted'', a new strain made by the biomass mutating since the GCSA injected a serum into it.
  • July 28th: The USCPF’s progression in the reclamation of Rockport has gone nowhere. The lack of change and support to the unit stationed there causes discontent among troops and the unit’s officers, leading to a small portion of the group taking matters into their own hands.
  • July 31st: USCPF informants implanted into various raider groups within the region suddenly begin to disappear without reason. Impending attacks by raider groups begin to increase and worsen following these disappearances within the region.
  • August 7th: A large scale USCPF convoy headed by the unit’s CO begins a movement towards rockport city. The convoy would be overtaken entirely by an unknown group of perpetrators. Strangely, no one was injured during this assault while minimal ammunition was expelled.
  • September 14th: Under new orders, a local bandit group that had previously offered assistance to the USCPF was misled into a trap and gunned down alongside the officer who orchestrated the alliance for treason. This would mark the start of an anti-terrorist campaign within Rockport.
  • September 23rd: The small portion of USCPF begin to grow within numbers and quickly formulate themselves into a closed off “anti-terrorist” unit headed by the base’s Captain. They would later betray an allegiance they’d previously secretly stricken with multiple raider groups, using the other USCPF to their advantage to heavily cripple their involvement within the region.
  • October 27th: In anger over the Captain’s betrayal, the raider groups within rockport enter a coalition. An assault orchestrated by these groups would occur on a USCPF checkpoint, destroying the fortification and the troops deployed there. Strangely, the Captain’s personal Unit happened to rotate out earlier that same day.
  • November 27th: Winter begins, hitting Rockport’s region hard. The USCPF is in thin supply and in desperate need of support. Using the group’s desperation, the Captain & his private unit declare themselves independent and promptly seize control of the USCPF’s CGB and it’s assets within the region. Those who refuse to integrate and remain loyal to the USCPF are promptly executed or forced to flee out of the region. The group declares themselves as Quicksands, the unit’s nickname prior to secession.
  • December 11th: The airport tunnel near the CGB is quickly collapsed by explosives. Any attempt for a counter-assault on Quicksands through ground is prevented. In order to prevent action by CDF, Quicksands takes Docktown ‘hostage’ by threatening usage of the base’s coastal railguns.
  • December 25th: The USCPF begins action in Rockport to take back the CGB. The refinery is swiftly taken back from Quicksands in secret by a USCPF assault team.
  • December 27th: A digout operation commences, reopening the airport tunnel that led to the CGB. A USCPF assault promptly begins, disabling the base’s only functioning railgun left through the usage of a UAR-23 and it’s rocket silo. The remaining assault is repelled back by Quicksands.
  • December 28th-30th: Surviving members of the GCSA and expelled USCPF from the takeover are rescued and recovered by USCPF search parties.
  • December 31st: In lack of the base’s Coastal Railguns, USCPF begins a heavy ground and air assault simultaneously on the CGB. Quicksands holds through, managing to push back the attack temporarily. However, the group is quickly overrun and decimated. Remaining members of the group are captured while the Captain and his loyalists retreat deeper into the base. Multiple SEALs within Quicksands including the Captain himself are the last to remain, fighting to the bitter end until finally captured and/or executed. The base is finally reclaimed.
  • February 16th: The biomass started to expand again
  • February 21th.A raid by the mutants took all over craterview,ending with the eliminination and infectation of a big number of citizens on craterview,the biomass took all over craterview and the rest of the survivors are now located inside a small camp on the badlands


  • Unknown: UEBC formed.


  • July 28th: The USCPF reestablishes satellite communication. This allows for cross-country communication, and is considered a major milestone in reconstruction.
  • Unknown: After the Flash: Sandstorm takes place.


  • 2068: RCO formed.


  • Throughout the 2070’s, places on the east coast of the United States and some beyond start to truly flourish, with some towns being comparable to something before The Flash- and with the rad-x vaccine being developed and sold publicly in early 2071 in well-off towns, the ‘reconstruction area’ was recognized among the US. Realization of this lead to large amounts of people from even the west coast moving towards the north-east of the US. A direct result of this was a concerning amount of western towns becoming lawless, under-manned, or deserted. Alongside came an overpopulation issue in eastern towns, leading to starvation- or sometimes worse.


  • 207X: International trade reintroduced.
  • 2071: RAD-X vaccine introduced, rendering the virus a non-threat. Outright stopping infection, combined with lower radiation levels in the later part of the 21st Century, the vaccine soon led to the end of most mutants, though it is not yet universal.
  • 207X: Construction of New Atlanta begins, several miles south of Atlanta.


  • 208X: People begin abandoning scrap towns for more stable living conditions.
  • 208X: Towns of brick and concrete begin reappearing.
  • 208X: International trade picks up.


  • November 6th: The town of Southside, Georgia is established.


  • 2085: Masterson Facility finished.


  • August 3rd: The Sandsharks capture the Masterson Factory and hold it ransom. The USCPF prepares an anti-terror campaign in Pearl Harbor in response, with the aim of total control. The campaign is called off a week before it is launched when the CDF suddenly takes control of the factory. It is unknown except to those responsible as to how this was accomplished.


  • Unknown: Music genres such as swing, jazz, and postmodern jukebox make a comeback in the hearts and souls of Americans (and according to ATF 7, pop music).


  • Unknown: The People's Republic of Tidewater is formed.


  • Unknown: The Atlanta Crisis occurs, as innumerable pro-USA CDF high ranks are assassinated and placed with MEB puppets, causing extreme amounts of in-fighting, and aggression against the United States. A large effort is made by the MEB to destroy or suppress any recordings whatsoever of the Atlanta Crisis.


  • Unknown: The PRT, with the help of Brazil, begins taking land from the US.
  • Unknown: The Battle of Kansas City occurs, turning the war in the US's favor.
    • The US gains back large portions of land it lost in '96 and '97.
    • Morale and support for the war heavily increases for the north.


  • Unknown: The People's Republic of Tidewater begins making steps to establish public safety services nationwide.


  • In the early 2100’s, rumors of ‘Reds’ circulate-- a group of anti-MEB guerillas, all bearing what seemed to be the old uniform of what was the CDF. Conflicting rumors of terrorism or heroism were thrown around constantly, though often their existence was constantly questioned by both low and high ranks in the MEB. Uninvolved territories, or other places around the mid-west & beyond were given much less attention, further worsening the effects caused during the reconstruction era. With even less attention from US forces, many western cities would become unofficially independent, or rampant with enterprising outlaws.


  • Unknown: MEB embargos UEBC / RCO from PRT.
  • Unknown: TIFEPOL formed.


  • Unknown: Ruritan Fire Department is established.
    • The new fire department in Deep Six near the justice department
  • Unknown: RCO begins to make contact with US forces.


  • Unknown: Rockport, the last US stronghold, falls into the PRT heartland. The RCO in this time as well have landed in Hawaii as an expeditionary force.


  • Unknown: A new Ruritan Fire Station is built to replace the old one.


  • Unknown: A coup d'etat occurs in the Northern Federal Prison, in which most guards are slain with improvised weaponry. All of the prisoners involved were slain. This led to the loss of 1594 prisoners and 673 guards.
    • All prisoners left are shipped to the Southern Federal Prison, leading to an overflow.


  • Unknown: Reconstruction of Northern Federal Prison begins.
    • It is expected to be finished by 2117. As of 2115, only 4 cell blocks have been completed, with all 4 being used to cope with returning prisoners.



  • Unknown: Southern Federal Prison is put on lockdown for demolition in 2120, if the Northern prison hasn't been reconstructed by then
  • June/July XX, 2115: MEB/PRTM soldiers executed any people who are Anti-MEB
  • After the Flash: Deep Six takes place.
  • Unknown: Corsairs fleet wiped out by RCO.
    • Mutiny aided by Pearce J. Nalley caused a down fall of Reuben's Corsairs.
    • Blisk was killed by Pearce J. Nalley.
  • June 21st: A violent exchange of artillery occurs between Fort Wilmington and Fort Shad in Chatham County. The side who had fired first is unknown to the public for quite some time. This conflict sparks the redeclaration of war between the People’s Republic of Tidewater and the United States of America.
  • June XXth-July XXth, 2115: The Ring Road: In the foggy and humid night, the two Reds (Cinna and Och1) ambushes the MEB convoy, destroying the Humvee and damaging the MEB's Morale.
  • June 2X, 2115: An American combat plane performs a bombing run on Fort Wilmington
    • The MEB strike retaliate by shooting artillery howitzers into the North, hitting the energy plant, radio tower, and gas station. Afterwards, a fight broke out at the border, with both sides returning with losses.
  • June 23rd: In an effort to crack down on criminal and terrorist activities, Tidewater’s Brazilian allies construct multiple checkpoints throughout the streets within and surrounding Southside. As a result of the redeclaration of war, both Fort Wilmington and Fort Shad are reinforced with extra infantry platoons.
  • June 25th: The experimental Brazilian railgun tank is shown off for several minutes passing through Southside. The railgun tank then attacks the USS Winfall, a US ship that has been circling around the coast of Georgia for years. The Winfall is destroyed in this attack and part of the bridge leading into Southside collapses. The event was followed by a skirmish of infantry at the demilitarized zone between the northern and southern borders.
  • June 27th: Jeb Lackey, formerly the Mayor of New Atlanta, is assassinated in an IED explosion at the New Atlanta Justice Department for conspiring with the terrorist organization known simply as the Reds. Everyone in the meeting room with Jeb Lackey is killed as a result of the IED explosion.
  • July-XX, 2115: MEB helps TIFEPOL repair their department and make their relationships positive.
    • A mysterious figure appeared watching the MEB soldiers on top of the apartment in Southside during their departure.
  • June-July XXth, 2115: UEBC declares war on Brazil.
    • RCO forces are sent to the East Coast.
    • Incursion in the Northern Passage; UEBC plans to prevent Brazilian naval blockades in the North.
  • July XXth, 2115: Charles Hoover and his family were captured by Green Beret.
    • US Officials falsify the public by saying that the Hoover and his family were killed near the border.
    • Hoover revealed as a MEB Spy named Moreno.
    • MEB artillery emplacement and Bunker revealed.
  • In the North, a news-radio channel plays the following message: "..We've received reports that very early this morning, Commander Charles Hoover attempted to run a US border checkpoint into the PRT. The source reports that the Commander and his family were killed in their van as they rushed the border..." The radio announcer's voice is different, a more confident sounding individual has taken the place of the regular announcer. News of his strange death circulates through the South. (The different announcer is a US Green Beret.)
  • June-July XXth: Tornado hits Southside.
    • The tornado crosses the river into the North. MEB and PRTM troops are tasked with helping the affected residents in Southside.
  • July 4th: Labelled as “Traitor’s Day” by the People’s Republic and “Independence Day” by the United States, the holiday is acknowledged by both sides in the polar opposite fashion. Celebrations and hate festivals are cut short when a US bomber begins to fly over Chatham County in an attempt to demolish Fort Wilmington. Civilian targets such as the pharmacy and the Southside Post Office are destroyed, devastating entire families and visitors. The event ignites massive controversy on both sides. The bomber is shot down by anti-aircraft artillery and lands in the fields of a farm southwest of Southside, the pilots were confirmed dead.
  • July 8th: The People’s Republic carries out a retaliatory strike against the US, commencing a series of artillery strikes against northern infrastructure including Whitman Bay and Fort Shad, the latter destroyed due to the severity of the shelling. Subsequent skirmishing occurred across the DMZ, though no territory was gained or lost by either side.
  • July 8th-XXth: The Reds grouped at the forest and decided to sent a package that was filled with dead MEB NCO pictures by a flying drone.
    • Reds ambushed the MEB, grenade damages the Fort's basketball court door.
    • Two Reds killed and Jahseh captured by MEB. One Red soldier was M.I.A.
  • July 8th-XXth: A convoy of APCs and cargo trucks leave Fort Wilmington, not to return.
  • July 9th-XXth: USCPF Convoy heads for the bridge with Infantry units, escorted by RCO and DEcorps soldiers.
    • UEBC Kingfisher lands and drops off supplies for the troops
    • USCPF Built small tents around the island.
    • Starting point of the Invasion.
  • July XXth: GCSA surveyed the damaged the war had done.
    • US Civilians were told to fled further north from the threat from the MEB and PRTM.
    • GCSA helped homeless people in the Trailer Park.
    • Refugee Camp near the Chapel for Homeless and Refugees was named: "Camp Hope".
  • July XXth: GCSA establishes radio station out of Red Rocket Radio (RRR).
  • July 15th, 3:21 PM EST: Dissidence in Southside reached a fevered pitch. Following a raid on a local radio station, a voice revealed to be Jack Camacho gave a scathing critique of the PRTs government as a puppet to Brazil. Subsequent riots coincide with a full-scale assault by the Reds on PRT-held Southside.
  • July 15th, 4:47 PM EST The Justice Department is encircled and put under siege by the Reds, low ranking TIFEPOL personnel hand custody of their superiors to the Reds in exchange for the ability to flee.
  • July 15th, 7:02 PM EST: Subsequent attempts by the PRTM to suppress the Southside rebellion fail. Remaining pockets of resistance in the city capitulated.
  • July 15th: The Reds took control of Southside.
    • After the riot, the Bouncing Border Bandits fled from the region. (As of q/a atf discord)
  • July 16th: US forces launch an assault on Bulkhead Island, capturing the long-contested island connecting the USA & PRT. Plans are set into motion to utilize the bridgehead to spearhead an offensive into PRT territory.
  • July 17th: City-wide conflict begins in New Atlanta. Following an MEB raid on the evacuated Reds headquarters, the Reds began to fortify vital choke points throughout the city in preparation for battle. The PRT presence in the city fractures between MEB Loyalist & Rebel elements.
  • July 18th: The MEB mobilizes a convoy of APCs, armored trucks, and a Railtank in order to suppress the Southside bridgehead. In the ensuing clash, weapon emplacements in the town scatter a large majority of the convoy, leaving their Railtank exposed to the brunt of the fire. Despite causing numerous casualties and devastating the defenses of the bridgehead, the Reds are successful in destroying the Railtank.
  • July 19th: Most of New Atlanta is overrun by a coalition force of Reds & PRT Rebels, ousting the Loyalists and MEB to the southern outskirts of the city. General Mateus Cortes of the MEB and PRT Senators Carl Barton and Thomas Cale dies during combat, with MEB General Francisco Santos going missing near Southside. A column of PRT soldiers are seen going toward Southside.
  • July 20th, 1:04 PM EST: A rundown APC arrives in Southside. They reveal themselves to be a contingent of PRT Rebels from New Atlanta, bearing the archaic yellow armbands of the CDF.
  • July 20th, 1:21 PM EST: Their meeting is interrupted by the MEB Loyalists assault on Southside. Utilizing assault vehicles to attempt and break into the city, their vehicles quickly breakdown under heavy Gatling gunfire. A protracted battle ensues.
  • July 20th: 2:45 PM EST: Most MEB Loyalists fan out into the town, ambushing unsuspecting Reds and dealing significant casualties. The MEB Loyalists offensive stalls under mortar fire. With their casualties simply untenable, the PRT Loyalists are forced to withdraw.
  • July 20th: 6:04 PM EST: Construction on the US bridgehead completes, resulting in the movement of US troops, UEBC Royal Marines, and DECorp Mercenaries into Southside. A cordial meeting ensues between a leading Lieutenant and Jack Camacho, who agrees to handover Southside to the US. A garrison force is left behind to defend the city, while the rest begin to move South. A full-scale invasion of the PRT begins.
  • July XXth: The Reds sets up defenses in the farm fields in Southeast to prevent MEB threats.
    • Revealed to have a helicopter with a helipad.
    • US and original CDF flag raised in the farm field.
  • July XXth: The Reds and the MEB in the Forts negotiated till gunfire erupted.
  • July XX: Southside Massacre
    • Three Reds killed in the fort including a hostage.
    • MEB lost four soldiers.
    • Reds lost eight men and women. (3 MEB brutal kills)
      • Red Medic: Valerie Court executed ruthlessly.
      • Dale Rickenson brutally stabbed in the building.
      • David Nozov surprised attacked, shot, and fell off the roof.
    • Two surviving Reds, Devin and Jahseh.
    • Willburn the PRTM defector was captured by the MEB, while Daniel Sanders was Captured.
    • Kimple was K.I.A during the fighting due to organ failure, poisoned by the MEB.
  • July 20th: 7:00 PM EST: The MEBs remaining forces in Fort Wilmington formally capitulate to the US. The conflict in the Halfmoon Region ends.
  • July 23rd: Despite previous breakthroughs from the southern portion of New Atlanta, the fledgling force of MEB & Loyalists are put under protracted siege by oncoming US & UEBC forces. Subsequent naval battles occur, resulting in the withdrawal of the Brazilian Fleet due to untenable casualties.
  • July 26th: A double pincer maneuver along with the cities flank results in the encirclement of MEB & Loyalist forces. Fierce fighting continues in the pocket.
  • July 28th: Despite attempts to relieve the pocket by the Western PRT, the encircled forces capitulate to US & UEBC forces, a devastating loss for the PRT. The salient opened in the PRTs lines are exploited, leading to significant advances over the coming weeks.
  • September 15th: The Western US & UEBC commence offensives into the rapidly collapsing PRT. Due to the lack of troops in the West, the PRT is powerless to counter their assault. The PRTs government vows to continue fighting, moving their Capital to New Orleans.
  • September 20th: Loyalist Militias sprout up in the West, acting like a desperate last measure against the Western Offensive. Due to a lack of training and proper funding, they do little more than increase the casualties of the war.
  • September 25th: Large swathes of the PRTs military begin to capitulate to the US, leading to the loss of several key states. The PRTs remaining forces are driven into an area around Alabama & Louisiana, with fledgling pockets continuing to struggle in Florida.
  • September 27th: With their part of the war coming to an end, the Reds formally dissolve.
  • October 2nd: The Battle of New Orleans results in the capitulation of the PRT. Following the example of Reconstruction-era policies, clemency is given to PRT veterans and its citizens to encourage reunification with the United States. Naval skirmishes between the USA/UEBC & MEB continue.

(End of Deep Six Singleverse Events, but Deep Six Afterlore is continued)


  • 2117: It was unknown if the Tifepol North Prison were completed or not due to PRT disbanded along with the branches.


  • Unknown, 212X: Buildings in North and South of the region of Halfmoon rises as the reconstruction rebuilds the Chatham County.


  • September 7th: The war between the USA & Brazil formally ends in an armistice. Neither side gives concessions. For the first time in a century, the United States of America reigns supreme over its former lands. Life steadily renews in Chatham County. With new buildings being constructed, the declining region had begun to pick up the pieces of their war-torn land. The county had become a home for all walks of life, whether it be tired souls whom had seen the world burn or children who were getting to grow up without ever feeling the pain of war.


  • Unknown: Captain Victor was promoted to General of the Army.
    • Joaquin quit the army and moved to a new life; working in an architecture film.


  • Unknown: The MEB and the US make amends after a long hostility.
    • MEB concentrates on the conquest of South America on Brazil's neighbors.
    • US and Brazil resume trade.
  • Post-Armistice, 21XX: Jack Camacho dies in his 70’s.


  • Unknown: Last original Red passes away.