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  • Lore:

Tidewater Brewers (TWB), typically referred to simply as Tidewater by members and customers alike, is the largest supplier of the illegal product called "Mountain Dew", or Dew, on the North American east coast, possibly the largest in the Eastern half of the divided States.

While it's unsure how long this group has been around, or who originally formed it, it's origins can be traced back to the deep south US, and some members even originate from Pearl City, Hawaii.

Dew is one of the primary imports and exports on the local black market in the Border area, thus those who make it and smuggle it make good money, enough to make people often overlook the dangerous nature of the job. While the US discourages the creation and distribution of Dew, the Peoples Republic of Tidewater have outright outlawed it, and PRT and MEB soldiers will often execute those found making, smuggling, or selling Dew on the spot.

Since the US is more lenient toward Dew Brewers, most of the supplies required to make it, as well as the creation process are typically done on the North side of the border. The product is then smuggled to the south, or further north, depending on demand.

While TWB is not directly hostile with towards any faction, they will fight back when attacked. They also avoid any authority or law enforcing factions, such as the PRT Military, MEB, TIFEPOL and other law enforcement, and United States Military. They tend to be more friendly with those involved with the criminal underground, such as B3, among other groups.

  • Gear:

Since TWB is not the heaviest armed group in ATF, nor do they need to be, there is no "official" group standard weapon. A variety of sidearms and primaries are used. Typically, higher ranks tend to be better armed, with the exception of the Guards. Guards and above are the most heavily armed in the group, having slightly better armaments than most.

  • Locations:

While Tidewater Brewers often moves all over the Halfmoon area, there are several primary places of activity.

The Den is a location often used to group up, plan deals, sell, and buy weapons.

The Still Shack in Northside is where much of the dew is made, as well as various farmhouses and barns.

The Mall, while typically occupied by the various criminal factions, is a place that is considered friendly.

The Whitman Bay Dew RV is a secondary brewing location, more so used when a larger supply is needed.

The Hyperloop Station is hidden in the forests near Whitman Bay, is used a good place to sell, buy and deal illegal items, also used as an office of sorts for the higher ranking of the group.

Fort Shad, Fort Wilmington, other US/PRT military occupied bases or areas are completely off limits. Use logic when roleplaying somewhere. If you're smuggling dew, try not to do it down the middle of main street in Southside, past a TIFEPOL officer.

  • Roles:

[SR] - Mixer: The Mixers are the makers of the product that will be sold by the smugglers. Typically working at one of the brewing locations,and the smugglers come and get the product when its done.

They have access to civilian grade weapons to protect themselves. Be logical with this.

[SR] - Smuggler: The smugglers are one of the most daring jobs to take in the group, running dew to and from Tidewater and the United States. Often they carry extra cash for their expenses and in some cases to bribe border guards and other people. They however, would only engage in bribery as a last resort. They would likely carry light weapons due to their mobile nature.

[SR] - Guard: The guards guard the product, ranging from deal sites to production areas. They also make sure the smugglers aren’t taking any extra money. They are armed with civilian grade shotguns, rifles and other weapons, all of civilian grade.

[SR] - Contact: These men and women are insiders, working with a variety of groups in the Halfmoon region. The spectrum ranges from law TIFEPOL to the Border Bandits, and everything in between. They provide necessary information on activity within the region, often for monetary compensation. One could call them the moles. They would be armed with whatever they kept standard from their group of origin.

Due to the nature of the role above, it requires approval from an authority figure within the group you are aiming to be a Contact for. For example, a TIFEPOL Contact requires TIFEPOL permission OOCly.

[HR] - Overseer: The overseers are the most trusted members of the group, being chosen by the inner leadership of the bootlegging ring. They would normally be seen at the makeshift offices in the hyperloop station, or directly overseeing the day to day operations of the group’s brewing hubs.