this is too dumb Warning: THIS IS NOT FOR KIDS STAY AWAY :(((((( we cant stop you anyways so just letting you know theres big boy words and not-so-good phrases

273792173912731720s B.C.E.

  • galatic warriors have a threesome and did a big cum and thats where we are now
  • steve the shithead comes to the poor excuse for a universe

499499848840s B.C.E.

  • someone named "stalledin" creates communism

7 C.E.

  • steve the shithead invents walking and Grand Theft Auto 994


  • bombs drop
  • it becomes Ye Olde Bombeth of FuckYouIFoundThisCountryMyself


  • steve the shithead gets into an argument with stalledin on which fried chicken tastes like french fries the most
  • YOB : WE'RE NUMBER ONE takes place


  • stalledin dies while sending another FUCKING bomb to FuckYouIFoundThisCountryMyself
  • steve dies :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( rip steve he was my favorite color 68485/10 -NIG


  • someone drives a flying taco into FuckYouIFoundThisCountryMyself
  • YOB: my life is a big number 2 takes place


  • the communistic republic of FuckCountry is formed
  • TCROFC gets in conflict with the original government i forgot what its gonna be called
  • YOB: jesus christ im tired already from making these games takes place


  • steve and stalledin awake from death and play a game of rock paper scissors
  • steve wins and stalledin rapes him so the world dies the end im done
  • i need bleach _-thisjokeisntfunny