The Flag of the United Front


The United Front is a unofficial fan faction by WIILLSSOON and comixcroissant. The United Front is a group of workers that aim to liberate the working class from the rule of the bourgeoisie It was founded in 2039 at the South-East Farm located near Southside. 3 years later in 2042, the United Front spread to Rockport Florida, where it remained underground until 2067. The United Front remained dormant around the Southside area until around 2114, when it was reformed under the leadership of a man named Dwight Zedong.The United Front is currently at war with the United States of America in Georgia and the USCPF and SEALS in Florida.

The United Front is very advanced for rebel groups of its kind. United Front members are issued modern combat uniforms with stab-proof kevlar vests, and members are equipped with a number of rifles, the most popular being the M4A1, the Firefly, ABR-12, and in Rockport the AKM, Bellic-77 and the AN-94 although the AR-15 is used too.

The United Front has 5 goals

1. To establish a republic built for the people and the workers under the communist ideology illustrated by Karl Marx in the Communist Manifesto, such as abolishing private property, giving control of the government to the proletariat and liberating the proletariat from the rule of the bourgeoisie.

2. To establish human rights for every person, such as the freedom of all non-hate speech, the freedom of press, the right to free healthcare and the right to shelter, clean water and sanitation and free education on every level.

3. To disband all police departments and replace them with workers militias so the bourgeoise can not take over control of the law enforcement.

4. To minimize the role of the federal government, and instead giving more control to states and counties.

5. To raise the minimum wage of all workers by 25% and for workers in other professions up to 75%.

The United Front promotes leftist unity, it's ranks are made up of Anarchists, Communist, Democratic Socialists and other leftists.

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