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(NOTE - The United Front is now inactive due to the stupid mods)

The United Front was formed in 2056 in Boulder Cove, Arizona by James Zhukov as a response to the USCPF and SLF. The United Front soon took over the Boulder Cove Courthouse and made it it's capital and headquarters. The United Front originally did not have any uniforms either. But, while searching the courthouse, members of the United Front found Boulder Cove S.W.A.T uniforms and modified them, putting patches, armbands and other items on them.

The United Front grew both in size in power, until late 2056, when the United Front Civil War began. After a failed execution of a prisoner, the Black Talons, the special forces unit of the United Front broke off and took over the Atom Kick Factory, renaming it Fort Talon. The United Front was being badly beaten on all fronts, and the United Front moved it's headquarters to avoid the rapidly advancing Black Talons forces. The war was worsening after the Black Talons kidnapped James Zhukov and took over the former headquarters and a high ranking United Front officer deserted.

All seemed lost, until what remained of the United Front allied with the Wild Dogs, another faction in Boulder Cove. Together, they took back the Courthouse and advanced on Fort Talon. The Battle of Fort Talon was a major defeat for the Black Talons, killing most of their forces and their leader. The United Front suffered a few casualties and the Wild Dogs suffered none. The Black Talons were defeated. James Zhukov then broke out of the place he was captured, and was able to make it back to Boulder Cove.

The United Front then rebuilt, allying with groups such as the Historians and the Black Doves. Although the Wild Dogs, Historians and Black Doves later died out, the United Front remained strong. The United Front currently is in a alliance with the New Republic of Mirage and is currently looking to expand it's territory to other parts of Boulder Cove


The United Front is currently Democratic Socialist, although some have said it is more to the right. The United Front does not have taxes due to the ongoing extreme poverty situation in Boulder Cove. Instead, they rely on loot from fighting or donations for funding. The United Front also has free healthcare and gives out food, water, medical supplies and blankets. The United Front's HQ also has a small housing area with stoves that civilians usually sleep in.

The United Front has been noted as being the most progressive group in the Boulder Cove area, and is expanding rapidly.

Allies and Enemies

The United Front is allied with the New Republic of Mirage. The two do joint training and both occupy parts of Boulder Cove. Both factions also use a variant of the same uniform and share similar weaponry.

The United Front, however is at war with the USCPF. As of April 11th 2021, the United Front has killed 51 USCPF and has wounded 3.