The Steampunk Pack


The Steampunk Pack is a weapons pack for After The Flash: Rain. It gives players access to weaponry produced in the 1800's during the Industrial Revolution. In it's official description, the weapons were described to be "relics".


The Jo(e)rgen is a bolt-action primary repeating rifle. It's real life counterpart is the Krag-Jørgensen, a Norwegian rifle created in the late 1800's.


The cutlass is a secondary melee weapon available in After The Flash: Rain. It is a short, but broad blade that reportedly had been invented by Pirates in the 17th century. On a click, the player will swing the cutlass, but on pressing "e", the player will perform a charge-and-cut manuever. Unlike the rest of the weapons included in this pack, this weapon was introduced a century before the Industrial Revolution.


The Peacemaker is semi-auto sidearm in After The Flash: Rain. "Peacemaker" is a nickname given to the Colt Single Action Army, a revolver introduced in the late 1800's. Despite a different model, the Peacemaker works exactly like the Patriot with the same reloading animation, the only difference being the muzzle flash being orange for the Peacemaker and yellow for the Patriot. The Peacemaker could be a modified pre-war working replica of the SAA that has the ability to be fired in double action. The revolver also has a swing out cylinder in the game which is refilled by a speed loader while the real life counterpart is unable to do that. bois in pink

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