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The Second Lake Mead Campaign


The Second Lake Mead Campaign is an ongoing conflict between the SLF (Southwest Libertarian Front) and the USCPF (United States Civilization Preservation Force) and their respective allies.


After the USCPF's humiliating defeat to the Southwest Libertarian Front and SLF's betrayal of the CDF, the USCPF and CDF took shelter within the USCPF's Arizona HQ, the Goldfield Mountain Complex. For two years the USCPF have been planning an offensive against the SLF and have taken unofficial territory in the west. Now the USCPF and CDF are taking the fight to the SLF, and a new conflict, one that may even be more chaotic than the first, is about to unfold.


Date: 5/18/19 Location: Territorial Border between the SLF and USCPF Winner: SLF


In order to keep the war fair, a point system has been added to prevent widespread attacks without proper control. Both sides start with 300 Points (200 as of the first ambush), and use 60 Points to Attack, as well as 30 Points to Defend. Territories, or the areas controlled by either side, have been sectioned off as part of this. Every section of territory will give 10 Points to either side after every battle, and this currently stacks to 30 per battle. The War will end if either...

A. Either side loses ALL territory besides their home turf.


B. One side runs out of points to use.

The system is further discussed in the Google document written for the campaign. You can view it by clicking the link HERE:


Territory, as previously discussed in the System catagory, are the areas controlled by each faction. The Territories are divided up into 3 variants. Red, which is home territory for either faction, and off limits in terms of a location for battle. Yellow, which is SLF territory, and blue, which is USCPF territory. Each side controls THREE territories, the SLF controlling the east, and the USCPF controlling the west. Below is a list of the currently owned territories.


Goldfield Mountain Complex (USCPF HQ)

Fort Viridian (SLF HQ)

SLF Territory

Eastern Craterview, or the Craterview Farmland as well as some of the North-Eastern Desert, as well as the crashed plane.

Southern Craterview, or the literal town of Craterview, accompanied by some roads and the Atom Kick Factory.

Eastern Lake Area, or the South-Eastern part of Arizona, including the ruins of Fort Ever Grande.


Boulder Cove, comprised of all of the Boulder Cove Area.

USCPF Territory:

The Badlands, or the cluster of mesas hiding the GMC and the bar from view.


Western Lake Area, comprised of the Crater, and the Lake Mead Nuclear Facility.

Ownership of a territory is NOT definite. If one side advances, they can TAKE a territory from the opposing side.

There are also technical borders, where many battles will take place.


A new combat system was introduced, as well. In short summary it adds a new guide on how to use a D20 for combat within the campaign, with added extent from other parts of ATF 7 such as special weapons and calibers. To view the google document listing more, click the link HERE:

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