In the mid 2040’s, the West coast was in a worse condition than compared to the East. In what was left of Boulder City, a small ring of smugglers formed in the perfect time, being based from a decrepit post office. It’s founder being an experienced smuggler named Ron Floyd, gaining infamy from the nuclear winter that was present only years prior. Once the snow cleared up he put together a crew of men with similar backgrounds and put together a hideout for themselves. Around the time of their hideouts completion crime was on the rise once again in Boulder City leaving refugees flooding out of the city the best they can. The young ring took this as a business opportunity and forced refugees to pay them for movement moving women and children out of the area or paying a safe escort through, with a high cost.

The power went to the old smuggler’s head, keeping many of the profits for himself and the higher ringleaders in the group and soon there wasn’t enough food or money to go around between all of the men working under Ron and the post office. They over-expanded their boundaries with many more criminals joining the ring for work, money and food became a commodity after a while and payments were beginning to be cut smaller and smaller with most of it going to Ron. Smuggler on the rise in the ring, Clayton Reid took notice of their current living conditions and quietly began to rally others to his cause, with notable figures assisting him like the infamous Mexican smuggler of the area Mateo Espinar. Realizing their inevitable fate, Reid and his rallied crew prepared to make their exit from the main group only to have Ron die by natural causes splitting the crew. In the midst of the chaos Reid and only part of his men managed to take enough from the warehouse as the higher ringleaders failed to take control of the ring putting it into a feuding civil war. Forced into exile, Reid took his men of many criminal backgrounds taking the name of Racketeers and left for the Colorado for greener pastures than the Nevadan cityscape.

Making their way across the Colorado, either by foot or near-failure cars, most of what was the Racketeers made it into Arizona. The very few vehicles they had barely put together were eventually ditched once it ran out of gas or when it even fell apart at its seams. On foot all men had to carry their share, the group lost most of it’s unnecessary supplies and left them gathering and taking as they went along. The group fully experienced the poverty they put others through and understood it’s struggle. Along their way they’d give little scraps to those like them, and donated a portion what they stole, and they began to solely target those better of then them. Using method’s different to what a common bandit would be, the Racketeers would scam others that are much better off and keep it peaceful, or find a reason to justify the need of a robbery still continuing to avoid violence, only truly using it if it was necessary or posed a risk to the operation. Having minor run-ins with the bigger players of the American West, Reid led his remnants into a rural backwater region of northern Arizona, hearing a brief word of the valley. If the region was what Reid thought it was, it would mean they could have a fresh start and a string of luck.

They’re smugglers and thieves with a robin hood aspect to it, giving to the impoverished like them and selling what they steal for high prices. - Created by Smartmouth226

Faction Relations

USCPF: Neutral-Friendly

CDF: Neutral-Friendly

Myriad: Neutral-Negative

TLB: Neutral

SLF: None

Dwellers: None

Maverick's Claw: None

Jaiyst's Word: None

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