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The Market is currently run by:

  • Skelethon
  • Jeddediah
  • Ctpenok
  • SaturnTwo
  • CaptainLatex



The Market originated as the brainchild of two entrepreneurial Hawaiian locals some time prior to 2078, with the original purpose of buying and selling goods in the torn streets of Honolulu. The business found itself struggling to stay afloat due to frequent raids by the local gangs of the island, and to that end a decision was made to relocate to Pearl City. Pearl City had proven itself to be an ad-hoc market town in the Hawaiian Islands, and as such was ripe for new competition. In 2080, the Market saw itself relocated to Pearl City, frequently engaging in the smuggling and importation of weapons, drugs, and information to the city through channels outside of the CDF and USCPF. As the business grew, they began to distribute to the less reputable elements of Pearl City, even selling to the notorious Sand Sharks. By 2085, the influence of the group had grown to a point where the USCPF and CDF became acutely aware of them and the threat they posed to Pearl City. In early 2086, The Market hired a band of men to assist them in their operations through Pearl City and out into the rest of the island. By 2087, they had a solid foundation within O’ahu, with a large consumer base and a logistics system built up through local caravans. During this time drugs had been introduced in great quantities to O’ahu, and The Market had kept up with the pace, selling and distributing drugs to the locals of the Island. During the autumn of 2087, the CDF jointly begun to launch operations against The Market, seeking out high valued members where they could, capturing and executing some. Despite this, The Market continued to flourish, and grew exponentially across the Hawaiian Island chain. During 2099, The Market began to launch attacks and raids against the CDF forces stationed in Hawaii, which gave them a new reputation not as mere smugglers, but as a force to be reckoned with in Hawaii.

Following a massive economic rise in the east, especially in the field of weapons, The Market made contact with a small outback company known as Tidewater Brewery. Sending a small team of 30 men to travel across the wasteland for years on end, the Hawaiian branch finally received notice of company alliance and a new Market HQ being placed in Atlanta. With a large deficit in communication, the two branches barely speak to each other, and rather communicate through a series of radio channels, outposts, and letters. The Atlanta branch represents a large percentage of The Market's weaponry sales, as well as cashing in on the booming moonshine business. The Atlanta branch produces and resells weaponry to survivors scattered across the war-torn plains of New Atlanta. Following the large move to Atlanta, several of the Market men were recalled to rejoin the Hawaiian branch. Most of them died on the journey back, and a few stopped and made the outposts that are now used to efficiently trade off precious Market information and members travelling across the state, as well as provide a small bonus to the Markets pockets.

Eventually, with the diversion of leaders and constant alteration of the group, the rough patch of the Market eventually smoothed out, with the original co-leader still in place and a new head leader in the throne. His tender beliefs on how the Market should run altered the way it operated, and instead of being a more brutish and barbaric fashioned group, focused on more than the illegal parts pertaining to their style. This new cerebral style led into a new era, with a focus on the documentation of not just the groups lore, but those around. Environments, and the political altercations of the wasteland as it stood. Many of the current members, and the older ones, approved this gospel. This new expansion and silent revolution led to bright pastures, with more alliances being formed and breaking away from their original contractors, the sandsharks. Though, this did not dissuade their past ways. The faction still continued to produce and sell all of their previously listed items.

In the Spring of 2103, the Market began an alliance with CDF in the west. Domestic trade was allowed in CDF scrap towns.

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Deep Winter


The Market originates from a small raider crew from Na Careva, a ruined city on the outskirts of the state. After the bombs initially fell, a certain few saw it key to grab hold of the opportunity, sacking what buildings they could during the immediate fall. Battles with scattered police squads,  ACMF remnants, and US Military remnants left them battered, but not broken. As winter came, this small crew took refuge in a service tunnel for a subway. Some passersbys would occasionally trade with them, but ultimately they were hermits with whatever leftover supplies they had.

Having seen and heard the devastation from these passerbys, each day came with more courage about the surface. Slowly, expeditions were carried out to pick up the pieces left by the old world. This granted them access to military supplies, canned food, and even working vehicles. As they began to expand from service tunnel to station, their gaudy and narcissistic behavior lead them to travel across the state, creating a distinct separation between the two crews.  As years passed, and their ventures only grew their arsenal and riches, they began to officially expand and carry out raids.

The most brutal and significant of these raids was carried out on a small trading post in the ruined town of Drastead, where a small group of civilians and veterans were residing. When the raiding crew arrived, they eradicated all civilians in the area, sacking the town and their homes. When they entered the old military warehouse on the edge of the town, they found a perfect residence for their new expansion.

As time would go on, this crew would come to see a civil dispute between them, an engagement to civil trading, or remaining as a raider crew. While most of those disputing the trade were ex-communicated, some still remain.

Market Roleplay Guide (for Deep Winter.)

The Market inhabits the warehouse within Drastead, and serves to supply most of the town with their necessities. While they still operate under the basic guidelines and play fetch with the Militia, their brutality and firm stance is still present within the town. The Market notoriously slaughtered a civilian residence in Drastead, and had taken over the small town for themselves for a brief time before it was 'settled' under the guise of a civilian militia. While there was a time of tense situations and even minor shootouts between the two, they came to settle their differences and see the benefits they could provide each other.

Members roleplaying as the market will carry out simple roles, from scavenging, to medical services, to guarding the warehouse from any volatile civilians or militia members. Members listen in a chain of command to the Managers, Council, and then the Leader.

Merchants that work for the Market share 45% of all of their profits with the greater part, and are not allowed to trade outside of the warehouse. This tradeoff gives them safety, both for their lives and their stock.

While The Market is mostly neutral to the various factions within Drastead, they have unstable relationships with the ACMF and the SEALs, as well as a few civilians. Often, fistfights or heated arguments will break out between the two, though they never engage each other for fear of breaking down the town.

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Deep Winter Relations

(If someone has the discord code to the Market and knows the relations please put them here.)

Rain Relations

USCPF: Uneasy Alliance
CDF: Neutral 
The Jackalopes: Neutral
SS: Neutral
Decorp: Allies
RCO: Allies
SBC- Trade Alliance