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The first " Mad Titan " was spotted on 22/06/2057, taking the form of a large, white and blue humanoid with an emotionless expression. The First Mad Titan was spotted by an unknown civilian whom told everyone to look up, to view the beast. The Mad Titan could turn small or large, It could even go past the clouds. It's arrival caused a major panic in the valley, causing a fight between everyone and the titan. The fight went on for an hour before it was slain by several civilians and military elements stationed within the CDF-run town of Cliffguard, piercing it with so many bullets that it was forced to flee.


When not actively attacking survivors, Mad Titans ( Now specified as a species ) typically wander the wasteland and roads nearby Cliffguard, watching the civilians below and taunting their actions. Mad Titans, although they have the ability to cause absolute havoc, rarely ever do, simply choosing to watch over people ominously and occasionally drop down to " regular " sizes in hope to blend in.

Despite only appearing in the region of Lake Mead in Arizona, it is suspected that Mad Titans are spread throughout the United States, feeding and leaching off of the radiation to grow bigger. They are seen by some as an ancient deity, but by others as a scourge. It is noted however that both of which are seen fighting the titans away when hostile.

It is suspected that the " Mad Titans " are an offspring of the RAD-X virus, being crushers or leachers that had mutated to a point of growing far bigger than their regular counterparts and wreaking havoc onto anyone opposing them, but holding such immense sizes that it pains them to do so also. When asked, civilians have even stated their nicknames to be " The RAD-11 ", or " The Mutant Gods ", but their real designations are unknown, and no faction appears to be even attempting to research them out of fear of obliteration.


June 2057 - First sightings of The Mad Titan species in Arizona. Most appear to be relatively docile.

A hole on the right side of the engine, it was a wonder it survived.

April 2058-Dormant sightings of 4 mutants near Lake Mead facility.

May 2058 - After being spotted by an Outcast both sides engage in a staring contest which resulted with the Outcast winning. The titan then flees.

July 2066 - at 06:43:12 black box was retrieved from a squad of Russian A-10's. The aircraft have went through accelerated radio chatter, and then got cut off at 03:43:12. A few weeks later, a feral titan is seen feasting on one of the squadron's aircraft (after the mutant was killed, the jet was retrieved and a photo was taken, and rating by the expertise of a forencist, it somehow proves that they have sharper teeth than most regular mutants):