The Light Brigade


Light Brigade Lore.

Following a handful of crippling defeats during a brief conflict with the remnants of the United States on the East Coast in the mid 2040s, a ragtag group of militiamen, civilians, and refugees fled ahead of the slow but undeniable westward expansion of the United States Civilian Preservation Force, toward freer lands in the midwestern states. Calling themselves “The Light Brigade”, both in honor of their fallen in the East and in reference to a historical poem that reflected their loss and defeat, (though the significance behind the name has largely been forgotten), they adopted a much harsher outlook on life as they traveled from settlement to settlement for years, scarcely scraping by as they continued their trek toward the west coast, pursuing vague rumors of a land almost untouched by the reformed government.

Their moral collapse into banditry occurred more slowly, over the course of the years, more out of necessity than anything. There were simply too many mouths to feed and too little resources to acquire through normal means while constantly on the move. As a result, they resorted to raiding small settlements and caravans, preferring to overwhelm the occupants with numbers and take as little life as possible. They would then take the supplies they needed and move on, leaving a trail behind them as they crossed the country over the next ten or more years. Many found their new lifestyle to be far superior to the conventional militia role they had once played.

The turning point, however, came in the winter of 2054, near Benson, Arizona, where a planned raid on a large local settlement turned bad due to the intervention of the local Civilian Defense Front element, resulting in the deaths of almost half of the “Brigade” during the bloody battle and subsequent manhunt as they fled across the state, briefly pursued by the CDF and local militia. When they finally had time to take stock of their losses near the border of Arizona and Nevada, it was unanimously decided that they could run no further and they were well enough ahead of the more organized Eastern USCPF’s expansion. It was time to find a place to lie low and make something for themselves, or what remained of them. This was the fate that led them to the area surrounding Lake Mead, where they soon learned, too late, that they had settled in what may soon be the stage for the next significant conflict in post apocalyptic America. It was decided that the risk was worth it though, as the region was still relatively sparsely populated as compared to the East, and it was an area of opportunity for those willing to tough it out.

Present Day

The Light Brigade, commonly just called “The Brigade” or “TLB”, occupy the abandoned Mine with somewhere around 20 people, though not all live in the mine. They have made use of the area to take advantage of traders and caravans travelling to and from the area, which is quickly becoming a hub of trade because of the scrap town Craterview, in spite of the conflict between the SLF and USCPF and the SLF’s oppressive grip on the town.

Ironically, their very limited knowledge of the complex conflict between the USCPF and SLF leaves them very slightly more sympathetic to the USCPF, which reminds them less of the Eastern USCPF than the SLF and it’s aggressive behavior does.

They are not exceptionally well armed, having largely only civilian tier weapons and gear. They utilize tried and true tactics to overtake trading caravans and rob them as they pass through the area, though they don’t do this often to avoid attracting the direct attention of the SLF.

Additional Non-Canon Logue.

Following the subsequent departure of The Light Brigade from the Lake Mead area, it was reported that TLB had dissapeared off the face of the Earth.

The Lost Brigade

Aftermath II: Deus Ex Machina

Days into their stay, a powerful hole ripped through the fabrics of earth, consequently through Walter [ @george ], killing him instantly. An elderly man stepped through, alongside a woman of the seemingly same age-- presumably the wife. Not long after exited a barrage of creatures. Green, horned men, humans, and other humanoid beasts, quickly subduing the brigade. A quick explanation lead to a deal: The Brigade were offered another chance. To start anew, with all of their skills-- and to have them at the top with their skills. Further explanations revealed the few were an archmancing Spatiomancer, alongside a Chronomancer of similar skill. While their motives for playing along with this were clearly not their own, the others introduces themselves as the Band of Margraves, an ambitious band of brigands and such-- though much less technologically advanced in comparison to the brigade.

Still not letting the Brigade have any say in the matter, the Brigade was forced back into the portal, into the wretched sewers of a place that called Ludwag. The future was uncertain for the brigade.

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