The Lab

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The Lab is a location, non-canon to Mirage's map: as stated by Chad and other LPMs. It was supposedly coming to the game and heavily believed to be After The Flash: Mirage's 2019 Halloween event. All the community was given so far was a post by Chad quoting: "The Lab was rumoured to exist somewhere beneath the dunes of the desert. A fireball from the western skies only grows brighter. Many fear that this was a sign The Lab may finally reveal itself." Along with another post by Chad the day after saying only: "Coming soon!" Along with another picture.

During the Halloween update, the Lab is located non-canon on the underground dunes. It appears on the nuclear missile base. After Halloween in November 1st, the location event has been removed.

The Codes for each levels changed differently by time or every time if you answered a wrong code.

In the Mutant Light level, it was difficult due to the lights flickering.

In the Gas Chamber level, you need a player or more to help you enter the color codes. Doing it alone will be impossible to pass the level due to no way out of the closed gas chamber once you read the color codes.

Inside the lab, new weapons and items can be obtained.

Scrap Hammer

Scrap Sword



Biomass Sword

The USSF suit and the EM2416

The picture posted with the announcement..png
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