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The Jackalopes are currently led by:

  • DaddyRingo (in group)
  • ScottEHLang_TAM (in game)


First Generation Jackalopes (2090's)

The Jackalopes are a Greaser gang that formed in 2092 by a man only known as Jack. The Jackalopes are almost always armed with .40 pistols and switchblades. The Jackalopes claim the Parking Garage as their own. Not shy to make a few PWD, the Jackalopes, offer safe escort through Sandshark Territory and will even help you fix your vehicles, for a price. Besides these few "services," the Jackalopes generally follow a strict code of suave chivalry. By all accounts they are respected throughout Pearl City, as interactions with the CDF make that clear.

Second Generation Jackalopes (2110's)

The Jackalopes are a Greaser gang believed to have gone dead in Hawaii many years ago. The sons and daughters of former surviving Jackalopes went out and took the liberty of making sure that "fact" was corrected. No one knows why or how, but in the early 2110s, a group of six greasers went out and caused as much trouble as they could in the newly-popular republic, PRT [People's Republic of Tidewater]. They robbed, stole, killed and gained power wherever they went whether it was in the mythical underground market or the porta-potty inside the Post Office. As the acts continued, this greaser gang gained many members yet alot of negative attention. The CDF revolted, ending the somewhat 'healthy' relationship they had by placing a KOS order on Jackalopes. After the revolt, the Jackalopes laid low and got the order taken down. They now mostly roam PRT, claiming the Post Office and Warehouse for themselves. Some take jobs as mechanics at Uncle Spidey's or the gas station, others rely on mugging people for money.

The Greaser Slang

Actor - show-off Ain’t that a bite? - That’s too bad Agitate the Gravel - To leave Ankle-biter - A child Ape Used with go - to explode or be really mad Apple butter - smooth talk or flattery Are you writing a book? - You're asking too many questions

Baby - Cute girl, term of address for either gender Bad news - Depressing person Bash - Great party Big Daddy - An older person Big tickle - Really funny Bit - An act Blast - A good time Bobbed - Shortened Boss - Great Bread - Money Bug "You bug me" - to bother Bundie - a boy in need of a haircut

Cast an eyeball - To look Cat - A hip person (Beats) Chrome-plated - Dressed up (hot-rodders, originally) Circled - Married Classy chassis - Great body Cloud 9 - Really happy Clutched - Rejected Clyde - Term of address, usually for a normal person (Beats) Cook, cookin' - Doing it well Cool - Indefinable quality that makes something or someone extraordinary Cool it - Relax, settle down Cooties - Imaginary infestations of the truly un-cool Cranked - Excited (Beats) Crazy "Like crazy,man" - Implies an especially good thing Cream - To badly damage Cruisin' for a bruisin' - Looking for trouble Cube - A normal person Cut the gas - Be quiet! Cut out - Leave

Daddy-O - Term of address (Beats) D.D.T. (Drop Dead Twice) - Response: What, and look like you? Dibs - A claim - as in "got dibs" on that seat Dig - To understand; to approve Dolly - Cute girl Don't have a cow - Don't get so excited Drag - A bore Duck Butt or D.A. - Hairstyle of greasers where hair in back is combed to the middle, then with end of comb, make a middle part.

Earthbound - Reliable Epistle - Letter Eyeball - Look around

Fake Out - A bad date Fat City - A great thing or place; Happy Fire Up - Start your engine Flat out - Fast as you can Flat-top - Men's hairstyle. A crewcut which is flat across the top Flick - A movie Flip - To get very excited Floor it - Push the accelerator to the floor (hot-rodders) Fracture - To amuse Fream - Someone who doesn't fit in Frosted - Angry

Get Bent! - Disparaging remark as in "drop dead" Get with it - Understand Gig - Work, job (Beats) Go ape - Get very excited Goof - Someone who makes mistakes Goopy - Messy Greaser - A guy with tons of grease in his hair, which later came to describe an entire group of people. Yes, John Travolta in Grease. Grody - Sloppy, messy or dirty

Hang - As in "hang out" which means to do very little Heat - Police (Beats) Hep - With it, cool. Someone who knows the situation. Hip - Someone who is cool, in the know. Very good. Hipster - Same as above Hopped up - A car modified for speed (hot-rodders) Horn - Telephone

Illuminations - Good ideas, thoughts In orbit - In the know Ivy Leaguer - Pants style. Also any person who attended an Ivy League college

Jacketed - Going steady Jelly Roll - Men's hair combed up and forward on both sides, brought together in the middle of the forehead. Jets - Smarts, brains

Kick - A fun or good thing; Also, a fad Kill - To really impress Knuckle sandwich - A fist in the face Kookie - Nuts, in the nicest possible way

Later, also later, gator - Goodbye. See ya later, alligator. Response: after while crocodile. Lay on - To give (Beats) Lighter - A crew cut Like crazy; like wow - Really good, better than cool

Made in the shade - Success guaranteed Make out - A kissing session Make the scene - To attend an event or activity Meanwhile, back at the ranch - From TV Westerns. Usually used to get a storyteller back on track. Most - A in "the most" - high praise usually of the opposite gender

Nerd - Same as now. Bill Gates without the money. Nest - A hair-do Nod - Drift off to sleep Nosebleed - As in hey, nosebleed - hey, stupid. Not a compliment! No sweat - No problem Nowhere - Opposite of cool. Nowheresville was a boring, bad place to be. (Beats) Nuggets - Loose change

Odd ball - Someone a bit off the norm On the stick - Pulled together. Bright, prepared... Off - to steal

Pad - Home Pale one - A dull person Party pooper - No fun at all Peepers - Glasses Pile up Z's - Get some sleep Pooper - No fun at all Pop the Clutch - Release the clutch pedal quickly so as to get a fast start Pound - Beat up Proof: identification showing that one is of the legal drinking age. Punch it - Step on the gas (hot-rodders) Punk - A weak, useless person Put an egg in your shoe and beat it! - leave! Put down - To say bad things about someone

Queen - A popular girl Quote - To repeat oneself

Radioactive - Very popular Rap - To tattle on someone (Beats) Rattle your cage - Get upset Raunchy - Messy or gross in some other way Razz my berries - Excite or impress me Real gone - Very much in love. Also unstable. Hmm, there's a difference? Righto - Okay Rock - A diamond Rod - A car (hot-rodders) Royal shaft - Badly or unfairly treated Roust - under arrest Running lights - Eyes

Salty - Angry Scooch - A friend Scorch - Popular Scream - Go fast Sewer - someone who is incapable of keeping a secret Shoot low, they're riding Shetlands - Be careful Shot down - Failed Shuck, shuckster - A deceiver, liar or cheat Sides - Vinyl records Sing - To tattle or inform on someone (Beats) Smog in the noggin - lost memory; forgot something Sounds - Music Spaz - Someone who is uncoordinated. A clutz. Split - Leave Square - A regular, normal person. A conformist. Stacked - A woman with large er, know, well endowed. Straight - Reliable, honest Subterranean - A hipster. Used by both Ginsberg and Kerouac. (Beats)

That's close - Something wrong or not true Think Fast - Usually said right before someone threw something at you Threads - Clothes Tight - Good friends Total - To completely destroy, most often in reference to a car Touch home - To make sense Tune out - to go away

Unborn - extremely naive Unreal - Exceptional

Vacant - Uncertain

Wail - Go fast Wazoo - Your rear end Wet rag - Someone who's just no fun Word from the bird - The truth (Beats) What's buzzin, cuzzin - What's new? What's you tale, nightingale - What's the story? Wig chop - a haircut

Yoot - a youngster  You make the king’s jive - your English is good

Zorros - The Jitters