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The Independent Scottish Army  is a group formed in the city of Glasgow dedicated to pulling Scotland out of the UK. In the later days of the Civil War that tore the UK apart a group of Scotsmen set out to punt the Tory (the last elected government pre flash) out of power in the UK and kill the British Monarch. The ISA kicked about in Glasgow, Greenock, Gourock, East Kilbride and other towns, funding their cause by "Punting gear" to all the junkies in Glasgow. They primarily attacked the England/Scotland border and set up a small HQ in the Scottish Parliament building. Eventually the English and the UK forces took out to raid the ISA's wee fort and eventually forced them out towards the Clyde where they held the line. After a long and tiring week the ISA fled the UK to America. They are stationed in Hawaii to avoid the UK justice system.