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Lore :

"Victor Kowalski was a regular waste lander living in Florida, constantly searching for food and supplies, in order for constant survival. Like many waste landers in the same position, Victor turned to crime as a way of means to get by. Unlike most thugs, however, Victor was much more idealistic, and seeked to get what he wanted without exactly hurting his target. Victor often just robbed petty merchants off the side of the road, but he seeked greater fortune. In order to find this greater fortune, he'd have to stop robbing lone merchants and start robbing whole trading caravans and the such. He knew he wouldn't be able to do this alone, so he recruited friends and strangers with similar views, and brought them into his fold. Victor called this small group, "The Highwaymen," in honor of noble thieves who roamed England. March 23rd, 2064, The Highwaymen began their first attempt at stealing supplies from a caravan. They came in from all sides, and simply negotiated with their victims. They ran off with most of the supplies, leaving the merchants completely unharmed. This spread quite some word around town, and within months the small band of thieves grew into a fledgling gang of noble-minded thieves. During 2073, the group moved north up to Georgia in search of more action. The usual apparel consist of big leather coats, trench coats, vests and bomber jackets. The standard issue weapon is a .38 caliber revolver."

"The gang hideout is estimated to be south west from the city of southside."