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History of The Den (D6 Timeline)

The Den was a maze of smelly and dirty sewers back in the pre-war days of the 21st century, but now it is a place for criminals like the Bouncing Border Bandits, Tidewater Dew smugglers, and the Reds. Refugees sometimes go there, but they can risk their lives or even their freedom. It was the underground black market in Northside and Southside. It can be only be accessed by a nearly buried semi-truck trailer near the railroads, which lead to the Savannah Mall. The mall is connected to the sewers in Southside and the broken iron rebar on the sewer pipe in Northside. There is a boat near the mall that can float down the flooded tunnel.

Inside the sewers

For citizens: People are forbidden to enter the Den itself in order to be safe from being infected and/or eaten by rats, mutants, and cannibals. But of course, in the sewers, people can be protected by arming themselves or travelling as a group to fight against dangerous encounters, other criminals, or southern authorities.

For criminals (example: Reds and B3): The criminals are allowed as always, they can hide from the authorities like MEB, PRTM, and TIFEPOL. They can torture, capture, or recruit anyone including refugees that might cost their freedom and life. Because of the warzone on the surface in the second US-PRT war, smugglers exploit the sewers as a route to smuggle illegal weapons and drinks.


  • There were weapons in the Den that were used for decorations and not for pick ups.
  • There was a flag of Brazil hanging in the basketball court.
  • In Deep Winter, the CDF occupied the Den for citizens and refugees and other CDF scouts or scavengers to scavenge and avoid the Ex-CDF bandit group known as Reds.
  • There were tents inside of the part of the underground sewers, but most people don't live there due to infection, captivity, or combat.