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The Crips were formed in 2097 by David "Dave" Vendermen and his friend.

Lore (2097-2100)

The Crips were formed after a civilian riot broke out in the country side of Georgia and their rivals The Bloods were formed. This was the group of about 4 people who did not want to join The Bloods and decided to leave. They knew they were going to start to cause chaos throughout Georgia and New Atlanta, so they decided to be the ones to put a stop to it. They gathered their items in their homes, stuffed them in their cars, and piled up on the supply they had. They sold the supply they didn't need and bought new supply, such as ammunition and food, that would be useful. They heard that they were raiding farms across the country, so they stopped in a field behind a farm to wait until they attacked, and then stop them. After 2 days, the Bloods sent a raid squad on the farm, and then quickly became a fire fight against the Bloods and the Crips. They wounded 2 of them which forced them to retreat, and received thanks from both of the farmers. As a thank you reward, they let them sleep in the Barn and supplied them with some food every month. They went into town and started to spread the word about the Bloods, and got a few civilians and farmers to join and support them.