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Sunburn Radio is the prime radio station for After The Flash:Deep Six and ATF: Sandstorm/Snowstorm.

Another created Sunburn Radio: Sunburn Radio (FM 102.9)


Sunburn Radio was formed in 2024 pre-flash during World War 3. They used 20th century musics like Jazz, Rock, and Classic. During the events of Sandstorm, the Sunburn Radio station was either in scraptown, city, or outside of the map.

Sunburn Radio has a station outside of Southside and it serves as a Music and News propaganda, during the Radio operators made the man on radio to falsify any events, that was changed before the Riots of Southside. In 2115, the Radio was taken over by the Reds and their leader Jack C. to spread words about the MEB exploiting the people and the lands. After the riot, the man on radio no longer being forced by Pro-MEB radio operators.

Music List:

  1. Cream-White Room

2. CCR-Fortunate Son

3. Stealer Wheel-Stuck in the Middle

4. CCR-Have You Ever Seen The Rain

5. American Woman

6. Pretty Woman

7. The Tempations-My Girl

8. Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up

9. Steal My Girl

10. Marvin Gaye-Ain't No Mountain High Enough (MoTown Edition)