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After The Flash: Darkness (4)

After The Flash: Darkness is one of the Spin-Offs that Chad had own right now, it sets in alternative timeline where Vietnam War causes a nuclear war. The USCPF played as US remnants and CDF played as militias, it sets in New York City where the Battleship heading to link up with the fleet was stuck rotting.

After The Flash: New London

Formerly Named: Fallen Kingdom

After The Flash: New London sets in 2130's, London, right after the American-Brazil war. The Irish Republic now reformed, built a wall famously named: The Ireland Wall. The Reformed Irish Republic was enemies to everyone, America, Brazil, and their most hated enemy: Royal Commerce Organization. The waters in London weren't there for unknown reasons, the historical buildings were damaged, but still intact.

After The Flash: The Last Heaven

After The Flash: Last Heaven was a discontinued and dead game, it sets in Canada after the war. The Canadian CPF was a counterpart of the Main USCPF, unlike the Southern Counterpart it was formed by Law Enforcements and Mounties. They were nearly Isolated from the Americas, even the Canadian NATO troopers never make it to their homes. The new factions were Chatham's Citizens Coalition and the Citizens of the New World Association, then there's the Outsiders, the people who are poor living outside of Chatham which they are jealous of.

After The Flash: Dreading Forces

After The Flash: Dreading Forces is a game taking place in 2067 during the events of Sandstorm where the island took place, the SEALs years ago before "The Flash" built their own facilities for testing. The USCPF meanwhile had strange interests with the island because of the tests and even the mutant threats and descendant escapees.

After The Flash: Legends

ATF: Legends is a ATF fan Community with old Deep Six Veterans and D6 RPers that wanted to Roleplay after the end of Deep Six singleverse. Their new game ATF:The Western Frontier was a WIP RP game server. They got approval the LPMs and it was private server in Deep Six, so if you are going to ruin the Private Server RP, don't do it. New Atlanta game in development.

After The Flash: Nekuriene

Warning: This I added is for helping to know the game, it's what my former friend Filthy_Moose showed me.

The ATF: N starts as a project, it took place in nuclear winter and taking place in Europe, 2037. The US pulled out their forces from Europe to protect their homes from the on-going invasion of Americas. NATO and ELCNAF fought the ACMF Russian Federation soldiers whom that they're still here.