This will detail and list the gamepasses and lore weapons of the Spec-Ops Pack for ATF 3 to 5.


The DECorp-made SPR-2kw Laser Carbine is used by DECorp operatives placed upon a task that requires silence and mobility. It includes a lighter polymer frame, a shorter fore end, a foldable-and-detachable stock, as well as a larger fusion cell battery life. It fires, as the name would suggest, energy projectiles. These projectiles have a piercing and impact power on par with 5.56x45mm NATO full metal jacketed rounds.


Inspired by the Japanese AB10G, this is a version used by DECorp heavy weapon specialists. It has a 8x83mm steel rod enlocked in the chamber, each shot requiring another to be placed in the chamber. The weapon has destructive piercing power surpassing even a .50 BMG, and is almost exclusively used against heavily armored targets. The sheer power of the weapon causes it to have quite a lot of recoil and it is therefore most commonly fired from a proned position.


Designated at the Smith 454, it was a bulky sidearm that fired the .454 Casull or .45 ACP. Most variants were standard sidearms, firing conventional rounds, but military variants fired .454 Casull, and had solanoids on the front of the side, powering a magnetic energy field, so when the Smith fired, it accelerated the projectile way faster and stronger than a conventional round would, able to ruin Tier IV ceramic vests. The recoil is mostly suppressed, as the energy is forced into the round, while the only recoil felt would be the gunpowder detonating inside the chamber.