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The Southwest Libertarian Front (SLF) is a lore-faction for ATF: Mirage.

For those of you who think vandalizing the wiki is funny, it is.

General Lore

This faction has existed since the mid-2040s. The SLF are a rogue band of ex-SEALs (suited super soldiers) and US Air Force. After 2032, the US government abandoned Fort Viridian and its occupants in an effort to focus on key forts and communities around the country and retain the United States as a nation. The occupants of Fort Viridian and their families came to live at the fort.

Over the next several decades, they maintained the fort and most of their technology, as well as made deals with the CDF at Craterview for food throughout the nuclear winter and the following nuclear summer. Over this time span, they developed a deep resentment of the USCPF, which was gaining power and pushing into the Lake Mead area to assist in rebuilding civilization as of 2053.

The radicalization of these fort occupants came to a head in 2054, when the USCPF offered a deal to regain ownership of the fort, which the occupants rejected. Believing they were soon to be targeted by the USCPF, they wiped out all USCPF settlements and forces in the area. The USCPF was no match for the fort occupants with their SEAL suits.

The fort occupants produced a flag and began calling themselves the SLF. The SLF became increasingly radicalized in their belief that America should be a place of free trade with absolutely no social programs. In September of 2055,

SLF Airman in combat gear with a SPAS shotgun

believing that the CDF was an equally socialist body of armed forces, the SLF shelled the CDF’s lakeside Fort Ever Grande and threatened to do the same to Craterview unless the CDF abandon it and leave the town with its own governing body.

The CDF’s remaining forces limped out of the valley, mourning the death of dozens of their comrades. The SLF now hold power over most of the valley, and are free to squeeze beneficial trade deals out of Craterview, but they tend to keep away from Goldfield. During the winter of 2056 the USCPF and CDF launched a raid on Fort Viridian after Capt. Crawford blew 2 howitzer guns up destroying them, they managed to wound 13 and killing only 2. The USCPF fell back to Goldfield Mountain Complex shortly after. (TEST NOTE)

An attack on the Fort directly was made the Biomass, in which mutants such as the Malicious One appeared, killing an unnumbered amount of airmen. The SLF licked their wounds and nothing fatal was done to the base or SLF. The Airmen mourned their comrades, with repairs and revenge that would soon occur.

Following the Attack, the SLF trades to get Cement Mix from Neutral and Allied Factions in the Area, including the Xi Wang Caravan and the Rosary Order. Repairs were made to the Fort and later other repairs would follow to the Vehicles Damaged.

Following the Attack on Craterview by the Biomass Mutants, the SLF set up a Refugee Camp named "Sanctuary" at the Suburbs near the Fort. Here, Civilians are taken care of by giving De-rads to the infected and being defended by SLF Airmen.

SLF Airman in casual gear with a pistol

Faction Relations


Generally, the SLF view all kinds of governments as unnecessary due to their libertarian beliefs. They are especially vile towards the USCPF due to the constant threat of government recivilization that they are trying to achieve in the lawless West. This can easily be backed and proven by the actions of the SLF in 2054, where the SLF wiped out all USCPF settlements in Lake Mead and assumed control of the Valley’s various internal trade routes. In 2056, an armistice was brokered on neutral territory, and relations with the USCPF and CDF have now changed. The ground war was halted until the winter solstice, until the day before the Winter Solstice arrived, the USCPF and CDF attacked the Fort, destroying the SLF's artillery. The USCPF also directly insulted Craterview by surrounding the Scrap Town, firing leaflets into the town by Mortar. The SLF denounced the USCPF and CDF for their recent actions and plan to get revenge. After the GMC Revolt, in which the 17th Sustainment Brigade took over the Goldfield Mountain Complex and executed all of the GCSA Ecologists (Sub Division in the GCSA consisting of High-Echelon Scientists that specialize in studying the RAD Virus) and the USCPF Marauders (Similar to the GCSA Ecologists though having their own Weaponized Force) left in the Complex, the Western USCPF/Loyalists (Consisting of the few GCSA Ecologists, USCPF Marauders, and some GCSA Agents [Most of the GCSA stayed in the Complex until leaving entirely to supposedly leave the region] and USCPF Soldiers that left the base along with them) remain hidden in the region, whilst the 17th remain in the GMC, offering their services as Freelance Mercenaries have been unknowingly hired by the SLF to assist them in the battle against the CDF.


The SLF view the Civilian Defense Front’s socialist ideals as weak. They are seen as a threat to their growth in the wasteland, and have been declared as enemies of the faction. The CDF was attacked and driven out of their home in the Ever Grande Motel in 2055. Afterwards, they were threatened and forced to leave Craterview as well. The SLF originally cooperated and traded with the CDF during the nuclear winter following the flash. In 2056, an armistice was brokered on neutral territory, and relations with the USCPF and CDF have now changed. After the Battle of Fort Viridian, the SLF directly attacked the CDF's new base, the Pit (Where the old TLB base is), destroying their buildings at the front with IEDs and capturing their Jeeps, Motorcycles, and a handful of their Troops.


Despite their past with Craterview, the SLF respects the town for its devotion to become an independent town with its own governing body.

After the Attack on Craterview by the Biomass, the SLF opened up a Refugee Camp at the Suburbs near the Fort for Survivors.


The SLF is comprised of many former SEALs who donated their old equipment to create the MK. II SEAL suit. If troops come across an unaffiliated SEAL in the wasteland, they’ll offer them membership into the faction. Non-hostile SEALs are not to be harmed unless told otherwise by the SLF High Command. In states of emergency, the SLF are known to confiscate suits and drones from any SEAL they encounter, but this is a rare occurrence that only happens with the permission of High Command. Overall, their relations with SEALs are relatively peaceful.

Over Radio Transmission one day, the SLF sent out a message to SEAL Remnants, offering them jobs as Mercenaries for the SLF and protection from the USCPF. These Mercenaries have so far been used against USCPF and CDF Patrols.


The SLF will not hesitate to kill and burn mutants in order to prevent the spread of RAD-X. They will tolerate mutants who are incapable of spreading the infection, such as Outcasts and Descendants and are even known to allow them to join their ranks. These Descendants and Outcasts are not allowed to fight on the frontlines due to being physically weaker than normal humans, they are confined within the fort and often given positions such as janitorial staff, kitchen staff, and if they have the brains for it - scientific staff. The mutants who join the ranks of the SLF often find themselves in a position where they are discriminated against and are known to be segregated from the rest of the members by being put into their own sleeping chambers.

Mutants above Rad-4 are long gone, and as a group of them staged a fatal attack on the Fort directly, killing a number of Airmen. With the number of Casualties not released, the SLF plan to defeat these mutants and the biomass once and for all.

The SLF has also burnt and destroyed the Biomass in Craterview using phosphorous mortar shells, liberating Craterview.


Northern Arizona SEAL Production Facility

The last known operational SEAL production facility in 2056. The construction of the facility was commissioned by the government as early as the 2020s, when ideas about a government black project first began surfacing. The production facility was constructed in the northernmost point of Arizona, and was built underground to maintain secrecy.

The production facility was equipped with the latest 2030s technology, with hundreds of millions of dollars being poured into the project’s budget. The factory is powered with fusion energy, feeding off fusion cores and converters to power the entire facility. The latest 3D printing technology is installed within the factory, having originally been used to mass produce MK1 SEAL suits, firearms made specifically for SEAL usage (e.g. the SCAR-XS & GXT-10) and even self-automated defenses to keep the compound secure from outside elements.

The SLF were alerted of the production facility’s existence in 2034. A group of scientists originating from there had joined the SLF for their own safety. Within weeks a team of SLF, guided by the scientists, had found the facility. They returned soon after with a larger, better supplied team with the intention of using the bunker for production. Several years later they began to create their MK2 suits using 3D printed parts to modify and change pre-existing SEAL suits.

Ever since the nuclear holocaust, the facility’s 3D printers have been depleted of key resources such as carbon fiber, steel and other metals used in the production of SEAL armor, due to the mass-production of MK1 SEAL suits. The SLF just barely had enough to make their modified MK2 suits. Currently, the facility only has enough supplies to produce small amounts of weapons and munitions every few months.

The printers are used today by the SLF to produce SCAR-XSs, GXT-10s and other munitions utilized primarily by SLF troops. The current status of this facility is known only by the western development team and the SLF, having a garrison of around 30-40 workers, engineers and security guards.

Fort Mesa, USCPF Compound

After the USCPF expansion to the valley in the 2050s, the first true USCPF controlled settlement in Northern Arizona surfaces. The fort became a big target for local bandit factions and mutants alike, falling victim to numerous raids, skirmishes and attempted takeovers the following years.

With the USCPF not wanting to lose their foothold in the region outside of the GMC, they supplied two Minotaur OAVs to the fort in an attempt to ward off enemies and further protect the compound. While being a vital fort to the USCPF, manpower was spread thin due to conflicts with various bandit factions in more important regions, leaving a company comprised of roughly 100 men, 2 Minotaur OAVs and a cache of munitions.

During the radicalization of the SLF in the mid 2050s, the fort fell into the hands of the faction after a series of brutal assaults and clashes being conducted. The USCPF battalion stationed at For Mesa were quickly overrun, with a majority dying in the initial raid, and the rest voluntarily surrendering. A large factor of the USCPF deaths were due to the effective usage of MK2 SEAL suits, bad leadership and general corruption within the fort’s top brass.

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