The Southside Sheriffs Office (SSSO) is the de-facto local government in Southside. It it the best trained faction in the area, and boasts over a dozen deputies in service. The SSSO was stationed in the Southside Bank and Trust until the events of Deep Six, where it moved to the Justice Center in Southside. The SSSO's mission is to secure law and order in Southside, defeat all raider groups and gangs and help rebuild Southside, while also spreading law and order and setting up other sheriffs offices and police departments. The SSSO is the strongest faction south of the Bridge Center, with maybe a exception of the SEALS or some raider groups.

After the Flash occured, there was no law and order for 7 years. Sometimes millita would drop by and members of the USCPF and other factions would stop by the Southside Bank and Trust. But, that changed in 2039 when the son of the former sheriff created the Southside Sheriffs Office. Realizing the Justice Center was destroyed and was inhabited by mutants, the SSSO relocated to the bank. The new Sheriff, WIILLSSOON realizing a rise in crime ordered the creation of special crime fighting units. The Southside Gang Unit was formed first, along with the Narcotics Unit and finally the SWAT Team.

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