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Southside Brewing Co.

"If you brew it, they'll come." - Charles 'Chuck' Maverick

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Established in 2089 B.C., by Charles 'Chuck' Maverick, in a small town on the outskirts of Southside, the Southside Brewing Co. was initially boycotted by local small time brewers and 'shiners. So, for the first two years of it's life, it was a seasonal operation, opening only during the corn season for increased supply and demand. However, using his secret 'Shine' recipe, Maverick soon drew more people to the establishment, due to ease of access and the superiority of his product, and eventually enough income was received to begin operating the business year round. Despite being initially shunned by local brewers, partnerships were made which allowed local growers to supply the Establishment, and receive discounts and payment in return. This arrangement appeased both parties, and solidified the Establishment as the foremost supplier of 'Shine' in the lower former United States.

Located on Main Street in Southside, GA, the establishment serves customers from all over the surrounding areas. The product, once brewed, is both stored for aging, and shipped out via various methods of transportation to other establishments in the area, or for personal use. Increasing demand ensures that brewers and suppliers work round the clock to provide.

Almost all supplies and ingredients come from local farms, or dealers such as Tidewater. Mutually beneficial deals have been made to ensure that the product receives only the best ingredients, which is why the Establishment has achieved such a level of popularity. Barrels have even been shipped as far as Hawaii, since the 'Shine' is quite popular with Off-Duty CDF and USCPF alike.

The Establishment does not serve food, and patrons looking for something to eat are encouraged to walk across the street to 'The Soup Shark', a fellow business and establishment in Southside, GA.

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Though they prefer to remain neutral during the rising tension between the CDF and USCPF, concern has been raised over the bridge situation, as many suppliers and farms are on the Northside of the River. Though nothing is known for sure yet, if the bridge is closed, business for the establishment could become difficult. Though no confrontation has happened yet, the establishment often deals with, and even assists local Brewers and Brew Smugglers, which may bring them into conflict with CDF. Though they have never been directly busted for smuggling Brew into the USA, it has been suspected that they play a much more prominent role in the underground Brewing and Smuggling industry than their storefront operation suggests. Nothing has been proven yet, but CDF, as well as the USCPF have been tightening their grip, making it hard for the Brewing Co. to directly run the brew across the border without revealing their involvement. This may also be due to the fact that Southside Brewing Co. also operates several 'Off The Books' Stills out in the woods, which they maintain and defend.

Establishment Rules:

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service

While Establishment recognizes the right to keep and bear arms, it is asked that all firearms either be left at home, or left at the door. This is necessary to avoid gun violence within. In case a situation arises, the Bouncer is armed with a handgun and a 'scattergun' or shotgun within easy reach, as is the Bartender.

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Customers of all ethnicity, gender, and belief are welcomed, however it is asked that all Militiamen, USCPF, or faction members of any kind be Off-Duty before entering, and leave any prejudices they may have against one another at the door as well. This is out of necessity, since tensions between factions often results in violent confrontations, something the establishment cannot have.

Unruly or Obnoxious Customers will first be asked to cease, if this is refused, they will be asked to leave, if this is refused, they will be forcibly removed from the premises.

Customers are asked to stay on the first floor unless asked specifically to go to the upper floors. This is a necessary precaution.


A community dance is hosted every second Friday of the Month. Live local music is played, and all patrons are encouraged to come, regardless of dancing abilities.

(Group is Currently owned by Zethryr)