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Rise and shine, Southside.


Southside is an community in Chatham County, Georgia, Republic of Tidewater. Southside is located along the US-PRT border and is southeast off Georgia Route 80 and is 12.2 miles (19 km) south of Savannah. A 2115 census states that it has around 46 inhabitants.

Life In Southside

In Southside, criminals, thugs, and bandits run rampant. Shootouts extremely common, MEB/PRT convoys not an uncommon site, a common sight to see TIFEPOL officers patrolling. A sad shell of its former itself, it's overrun with crime, corruption, and poverty. People didn't know the truth after the sinking of the Winfall, but keep an eye on the MEB's activity. Most citizens of Southside are loyal to the PRT due to the MEB/PRT's anti-US propaganda and the USCPF/RCO's unintentional targeting of civilians.

By 2115, most the former populace of Southside has left the town due to the war, fleeing down South, or going up North while the border was open.

Southside (Deep Six timeline)

Southside was built by the CDF in the 2080's near the Halfmoon River and It used to be a friendly and happy town.This all changed when the PRT was formed and the Atlanta Crisis (The Second American Civil War) caused part of the town to be destroyed. After the battle, it was now a Pro-MEB loyalist citizens because of Anti-US propaganda and a boost in the crime rate due to drugs, lack of law enforcement, and illegal dew. The Northside was cut off from Southside and Patrols of USCPF and USCPF Constabulary that saved the Northside from Crime.

Southside (Deep Winter Timeline)

Southside was a rural town built before the Invasion of the ACMF Russians and Venezuelans and Flash. The town was next to the prison named Halfmoon Correctional Facility (known place to Fort Wilmington) which is now occupied by NATO remnants, now in very late 2030's and early 2040's the town was in ruins because of the battle between US National Guards and Armies supported by American/Canadian NATO forces and ACMF armies OR because of nuclear blast winds and debris knocking the buildings off.

Artillery Exchange

June 21st

The hot afternoon was a busy day for both sides of the river. The north and south were both making preparations for 'Epmas', the day of peace between the United States and Tidewater.Military exercises preformed by the PRT-M the day before, as well as the heavy usage of fireworks in the boonies surrounding Southside served as perfect cover for the MEB's artillery detachment to use as cover. They fired a cluster of shells into the North, delivering significant damage to Fort Shad. The north retaliated with a flurry of cluster bombs into Southside, destroying the Bar and the Hardware Store. Both sides exchanged artillery as their respective troops stationed at either sides border began to make pushes into the DMZ. The ensuing skirmish lasted for a mere hour, however it was clear that there'd be more to follow. Peace is off for both sides. No one knows about the MEB's involvement, with each other blaming their opponent for firing first. The DMZ may not live up to it's namesake any longer, with the now closely monitored river serving as a frontline.

DMZ Skirmish

A large skirmish between the PRT-M and US Marines lit the riverfront up with explosions and tracer fire. The idea of the war coming back is starting to feel like a reality for the few civilians of Halfmoon. Those that regularly travel the countryside begin to notice an increased military presence around roadways and the border especially. Additionally, the border is now completely closed to any traffic, and reports of landmines being planted in the DMZ deter anyone brave enough to sneak past the checkpoints.

MEB reinforcements

On June 23, Wilmington made a request to high command after the 'surprise' assault on Southside. Their management saw that Southside lacks the defenses to repel an invasion from the north. The MEB jumped at the chance to introduce more troops and assets into Halfmoon. They have planted five checkpoints around Southside's routes, accompanied by a large influx of soldiers. Rumors spread between the locals after a military convoy rolled through the trails, mostly directed at the enigmatic tanned men who now patrol the streets of Southside. A local paper claims the heavy jump in security serves as a precursor to violence that'll swallow the land. Some, however, look forward to the professional soldiers whom they believe to be more than capable of defending them from a northern offensive.

USAF gunship attack

The sense of confidence provided by the MEB's reinforcements vanished when a mostly silent day was disturbed by the sound of a gunship. An American combat plane passed over Southside, dodging anti-air defences when it performed a bombing run over Wilmington. The courtyard and a road leading up to the fort was ripped apart by jet's armaments. It left as quick as it came, fading into the northern horizon.

The Winfall's demise

On June 25th, the day was busy on both sides of the border. After the several smaller conflicts and displays of military power from the warring factions, all men and women deployed in the combat zone were irritable and restless. The USCPF spent the early hours of the day fortifying their newly claimed border island, obtained after an exchange between US and MEB/PRT forces earlier in the week. Trenches were dug, TOWs and defensive positions were erected.Meanwhile, in the South, the MEB were up to something once again. This time, the soldiers were preparing for an Armored convoy. The officers reviewed their plans and courses of action to orchestrate the assault in order to achieve their goal. With the Winfall in place as planned, the MEB were ready to deliver the killing blow. As time passed and the dusk fog swept over the humid Georgian bay, the Eastern tunnel leading into town hummed with activity. Soldiers waited anxiously as the treads turned and the engines rumbled. The headlights emerged in the dark tunnel, exposing the tank Platoon (a tank platoon being 4 tanks). Two broke off from the Platoon and sat at the entrance of the tunnel, in the case of an emergency retreat. One ordinary tank trailed behind a strange, military green tank. The tank sported glowing blue cells of energy on either side of the main cannon; the general shape of the strange tank in-distinctively resembled the shape of an awkward crab.

The two-tank convoy moved through the night with the soldiers along the path of the Cul-De-Sac. As they reached the end of the road, they positioned themselves in the forest with a good vantage point over the position of the U.S.S. Winfall.

Down the road, in Fort Wilmington, fireteam members prepared the artillery to execute a short fire-mission. As the artillery fired, the railtank sprang into action in the midst of the chaos. The crew of the tank prepared the main cannon and sent a heavy hitting rail into the bow of the Winfall. Soon after, two more shots were sent into the hull and starboard side of the ship. Naval personnel evacuated the ship via rowboat and retreated as the fires that had sparked to life danced within. The MEB tanks quickly fell back into the deep South as they accomplished their mission. At the DMZ, conflict broke out between the two militaries on patrol. The DMZ quickly became a heated frontline and explosions were exchanged by either side. Casualties were high and progress was low. After no advancements were made, both sides fell back under the cover of artillery. The island was barraged by both sides in order to prevent any advancement. The tarmac in the DMZ was destroyed and the grass was blackened by the flames. Shrapnel chewed through the trees and the constant explosions brought them to the Earth. Artillery was heard for the better part of the rest of the day. The factions retreated to their respective fortifications to treat their wounded and mourn their dead. There was little reason for celebration.

Southside Bombing

On July 4th, the citizens of Southside were woken from their beds by the sounds of a large plane flying over the area. A Air Force US bomber proceeded to drop bombs along the Southside area. The first target hit was the post office, completely obliterating the structure, and causing fire to light up the dark southside streets. As PRTM anti-aircraft troops scrambled to take down the US bomber, it flew over the pharmacy, releasing it's explosive payload. Citizens panicked as the bomber went in for another bombing run, the target presumed to be the Justice Department. Thankfully, before that happened, anti-aircraft fire managed to shoot down the bomber, it crashing into the Southside farm's plains. The MEB was quick to contain the event, and prevented anybody to go near the crashed bomber.

Border Skirmish

After the bombing events, witnesses say that US forces engaged MEB and PRT forces along the border in a large skirmish along the area, causing casualties on both sides, but nevertheless resulting in a stalemate.

Aftermath of Southside

With the post office and pharmacy destroyed, citizens of Southside will surely express hatred towards the US due to the bomber intentionally targeting civilian structures, and killing/wounding many civilians in these war crimes. Due to the pharmacy's destruction, many civilians do not have medical aid/medication to go towards. The PRTM and MEB are distributing rations and medical aid to any wounded civilians in the area.

MEB Tree Bunker bomb Incident

During the middle of the night, the Reds attacked the MEB base and ambushed the retreating MEB veterans who are escaping the chaos. Southside residents heard gunfighting and explosions, PRT denied the incident and lied/discouraged PRT citizens from going there in order to prevent the truth of the cause of one single fire that the US Military reported back in June 21st.

Southside Riots

MEB Railgun Tank's demise

When the convoy of trucks and APC protected by a MEB Railgun tank entered Southside, the Reds and the US Green Bereta ambushed the convoy with mortar fire. MEB soldiers took casualties including convoy personnel inside, they all fled to the forest to get away from the fight. The MEB tank took down Reds and GB alike who fought vainly, but bravely. The last lone Red on the Apartment roof fired its RPG at the a tank, but missed the target and hits the former TifePol Justice Department front instead. At first it seems to be fine after the debris from the JD building dropped on the turret, but as it gets ready to fire, it explodes creating shrapnels all over.

Abandonment of Southside

In the mid-late of July or early August, the PRT-M armored vehicles head for the bridge and the Southside who are now mixed begins to evacuate the town from the conflict.

Stand against the Pro-MEB and PRT-M

When the Reds were preparing for defence, the PRTM soldier came in with pre-crisis CDF yellow flag band on their arms. When both PRT rebels and Reds fought the MEB and PRTM soldiers attacking Southside, the MEB and PRTM were forced to retreat after the US and RCO completed their repairs on the bridge. When the PRTM commander of the Fort surrenders, the PRTM soldiers returns home without harm.

After the war

During the US occupation of Southside, it was still hostile to the USCPF due to Anti-US propaganda, US bombings, and crime rates.

Southside returns to its normal shape with rebuilt and new buildings. The first rebuild post-civil war raised in 2121 around the intersection of the old overpass which it had collapsed in 2118. Over the next few decades, new buildings were slowly risen between the intersection and the old north gas station, creating the a scenic Coastal town space mostly young people. Ex-Red, Jack Meurnos established his restaurant: "Crow and the Gasmask" and there he found a loving wife and runs a restaurant with them. Happiness and satisfaction was returning to Southside and things get better for Halfmoon Residents and The people of Chatham County.

The Law Enforcement

The main law enforcement group in Southside is the Southside Sheriff's Office.

After the war of the mid-late 2110's, it is now overseen by the Georgian State Police after rebuilding.

Buildings and Structures (Status)

  • Justice Department (Damaged with Front Destroyed with Tank)
  • Overpass Bridges (Ruins)
  • Post Office (Destroyed)
  • Pharmacy (Destroyed)
  • Apartment
  • Soup Shark
  • Bar (Destroyed)
  • Other Apartment (Destroyed)
  • Farmer's Market
  • Greenhouse
  • Textile Mill (Destroyed)
  • Old Fire Department. (Destroyed)
  • Electronic Repair Store
  • Water Tower
  • New Fire Department
  • Hardware Store
  • Warehouse
  • Hospital (Destroyed)
  • Gas Station
  • US/MEB/PRTM Checkpoints (Rebuilt)
  • Car Dealer Building
  • Fire Station Tower
  • Pre-War Savannah Mall ruins
  • Bank & Trust
  • Other future buildings (After D6 Events)


  • In public server, most players go to Southside due to the calendar events affecting the town.
  • Server events became removed for the "final events" of the game, or otherwise known as becoming singleverse.
  • There are differences and similarities between the DW and the D6 Southside.