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Schlotzsky's & Co. is currently run by:

  • ChiefVehroooooooooon
  • EpicBunny114
  • vikterezznov



In pre war times the Schlotzsky's Franchise were already a well known company originating in the southern areas of the United States. The franchise was already beginning to expand, opening a shop in Hawaii and in other nations in the later 2020's. When the war began, the franchise ceased operations in the search of refuge after rumours had spread about a possible Nuclear War. When the bombs eventually hit the mainland, most stores were destroyed in the aftermath resulting in many businesses being forced into closure. However there were still few remaining businesses' and stores left in remote areas of the mainland and some in the Islands of Hawaii.

In 2056, an Italian family who were known for their skills in the culinary arts, stumbled upon the Schlotzsky's restaurant. In a dire attempt to gain profit, they had reopened the well loved pre war franchise and had took 'Schlotzsky' in as their own surname. Business was slow in the beginning weeks and the franchise's profits were slowly declining. In another attempt to 'reboot' his business, Amelio 'Schlotzsky' and his two cousins had turned too crime. They had started working with a few black markets and small gangs, distributing their wares for small amounts of profit. The concealed style of crime had kept the company running, long enough for them too hire more workers. In the early 2070's, the company had a booming financial stage, however this attracted many bandits in the area. One of Amelio's cousins took it upon himself too get some hired guns into the mix. The involvement in crime was kept behind closed doors and only family members and close associates knew of it. The franchise still holds similar pre war values and makes their customers a priority. All sources of food were transported via truck from black markets and various barges that came from the mainland. The family's prominent relationships with various gangs in the area had opened up the opportunity for trading and exchanging resources for culinary goods Throughout the following years the franchise had continued its routine and had continued to make profit. In 2100 the group has established a wide amount of resources and is still running the diner. Amelio and his cousins are still involved in criminal activities, however it is still behind curtains for those within the organization.

Schlotzsky's has been removed and is no longer present in the ATF series.