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This pack gives access to three black market weapons, primarily used by the Sandsharks operatives in the ATF universe.


A cheap and reliable weapon, this was made the choice by many Sandsharks over all. It used the common and cheap 12 gauge, and was also a newly-manufactured good. It had a bi-steel coating barrel, and used crete wood for the fore end, grip and stock.


The Sandsharks have found out how to gain infinite fucking AN-94's, a pre-war relic that is extremely reliable. I won't go into detail, look it up yourself.


Nicked the Patriot for a reason, it is very similar to the Erwin in DW, though a different color as well as less rounds being able to be placed in the cylinder. This masterpiece is chamberes in .475 Limbaugh, a resource that Sandsharks seem to get infinitely.