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This guide is made by FearRPer because I think there has to be a (better) drone guide for genuine drone roleplayers.



As the SEAL engineers began their project on making the SEAL suit to have an advantage for any upcoming war. The Synthetically Engineered Assault League (SEAL) program was top secret and wasn't known to anybody outside US's high ranking military members. SEALs were forced to keep it a secret or an execution/jailtime/other punishment would be issued.

SEAL drones were made for many reasons including observing/scouting in enemy landscape. The suits among with the drones are climate adaptive and offer an strong armour which can resist up to .50 caliber gunfire. There were two variants of drones, the variant A (hovering type) and variant B ("walking" type).

Both variants are unique in their own way. With self developing AI if left alone for too long.

Variant A: the variant A has four thrusters which can raise the drone up to thirty feet high.

Variant B: the variant B has pseudo legs and is capable of speeding high quantities of miles in short/long periods.

Both variants have 9mm turrets which can fire up to 30/40 rounds each before needing an restock of bullets.

SEAL drones are operated by SEAL PDAs only and get an ping, exchanging information about the remnant/descendant to verify the person is indeed related to the SEAL program.

These SEAL drones cannot be occupied by civilians in the form of operating them. Their plating can resist to .50 just like an SEAL (resistance not verified) but the drones have thinner plating to improve travel time.

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Made on 7/17/2019 because I was bored.