SEAL Drone Guide (Unofficial)


SEAL Drone Guide (Unofficial)

Written by Reypetine

Table of contents: 

1) Variants (And IDs)

2) Armor & Resistance(s)

2.1) Armor

2.2) Resistances

3) Cannons

4) Specs

5) Battery & Usage

6) Synchronisation & Commands

6.1) Synchronisation

6.2) Commands

7) Sentience

1) Variants


If you are familiar with the official bit of SEAL Drone Lore available at the moment you might’ve heard that there are two variants. SEAL drones were used for scouting purposes to gather intel from enemy soldiers.

Variant A:

This variant is capable of flying (hovering) by it’s four thrusters located under the chassis. It propels itself forward using the two back thrusters and keeps itself in the air with the two thrusters straight under the connection from chassis to wings. The maximum altitude it can reach is thirty feet from the current ground it hovers over 

(example: Height of Cliffguard’s Mesa + 30 feet is the maximum altitude in the air it can reach if the SEAL Drone would be hovering above the Mesa.).

The SEAL drone is not made for carrying cargo/goods of any kind. When pressure is put on the top of the drone it will downweight it (same goes for hanging things on it) and the maximum altitude will decrease depending on what is on it. 

The thrusters make noise along with the ventilation and the air emitted from the thrusters is hot.

Variant B:

This variant is a carrier model, it has pseudo (6) legs and can scurry around at ‘rapid’ speeds. (Approx. between a human run/sprint and a leacher run/sprint).

As the variant is made for carrying cargo/goods it is capable of putting a lot of weight on its chassis. Using hydraulic strength to not be downweighted. (Keep in mind the speed will decrease depending on how much pounds/lbs/kilos/etc of weight are put on the chassis.)


ID’s are what the drone’s factory number/model is. This is (sort of) mandatory when you want to sync with a SEAL because they have to put you in their character sheet.


Variant A = A-[Numbers] Variant B = B-[Numbers]

2) Armor & Resistances


SEAL drone’s do not have the same armor composition as SEAL Suits, because it would downweight them are generally ruin the purpose of fastly moving locations.

The drones armor is a lighter variant of SEAL armor, mostly purposed to take on light caliber bullets (take pistols as example) but can tank some rifle calibers if it would happen. (Although most would tear through the armor, the drone would still be alive depending on where it is hit.)

2.1) Armor

As you should have read from the introduction, SEAL Drone armor is lighter, thus incapable of tanking high caliber bullets like .50 (AE) and rifle calibers.

As this is not an official guide I cannot tell you precisely which calibers have which effect, but I am 100% sure they can tank 9mm and maybe even .45 ACP.

The damage done from high calibers depends on the range, some would even do less if it would be from far away (excluding sniper rifles obviously)

2.2) Resistances

SEAL Drones are water resistance (not totally confirmed on Variant A due to its thrusters.) 

They can also resist fire and heat (as that would be fairly logical due to their armor composition), although I don’t know the effects the heat would have on its inner systems.

They can also not be electrified. (I believe.)

However, drones are not resistant to radiation and their systems will overload/get destroyed by radioactive particles. A drone can only ‘survive’ for so long in the biomass before it clogs/its systems die out and it’s AI life is over.

Freezing temperatures: Variant A would be fine with this due to the heat being emitted from its thrusters, but Variant B however could potentially jam one or more of its six legs rendering that leg useless until hotter temperatures come.

3) Cannons


As a scouting drone it would still need to have offensive weapons. As it was not used as an offensive weapon of war the drone uses standard 9mm with about 40 rounds in each cannon. The cannons use a warm up fase called spinning, just like a minigun would. They can fire repeatedly with both cannons until the threat is neutralised.

I don’t believe the cannons can jam. The cannons are located on each wing.

(This is very short because you do not need to know alot about the cannons.)

(I refer to it as cannons, yes, I think it fits better than guns and etc.)

4) Specs


SEAL Drones use a lens with bulletproof glass. The lens is located in the middle and can see the POV of a human. Because of scouting purposes they have several camera optics used to help gather intel from enemy soldiers.

They have FLIR (Forward-looking Infrared) it can detect radiation.

I believe they have the same optics as a SEAL has (targeting systems, rangefinder, maybe even night vision?).

Drones also have a life-feed that allows their Operator to watch the drone’s POV.

Drones use [INCOMM] the same way as SEAL Operators do.

5) Battery Usage


Drones have two fusion cores (Located each beside the lens.) they glow red slightly but I believe they can be dimmed for scouting purposes and etc.


The lifespan of these fusion cores is long, not extremely long but long enough to be still between the 30-65% or something in the events of Mirage.


Drones can shutdown at any moments saving up their battery percentages.

There is a manual deactivation lever located under the chassis of the drones, it is hard to get but you can flip it which disables the drone entirely until flipped back.. (Confirmed by El_Armundo during a RP).

6) Synchronisation & Commands


SEAL drones can synchronize up with SEAL PDA’s. How this works is both parties can receive a ping from one of each other and (depending on the drone’s sentience) can be denied or accepted. However, if a SEAL Commander attempts to sync with a SEAL Drone that drone’s systems are overwritten to forcefully synchronize with said Commander.

When a drone is synced it is ‘forced’ to follow instructions/commands given out by their current Operator.

6.1) Synchronisation:

SEAL Drones (not confirmed but arguably logical) can only sync with SEAL grade PDA’s, meaning, any Military Personnel without a SEAL PDA cannot synchronize with it and force it to complete given tasks.

6.2) Commands:

There are alot of commands that can be given, most are tasks but here are examples;

“Shutdown” -> Shuts down the drone.

“Go to X” -> The drone goes to X.

“Engage with lethal force” -> The drone spins its cannons ready to fire into lethal areas of the body.

“Factory mode” -> Puts the drone in factory mode (gets rid of the sentience)


Drones can geolocate remnant chips within range of approx. 1, 2 or 3 kilometers. What is geolocation?: The drone locates a remnant chip and gets the remnant’s MOS, Military ID, Garisson and etc. (Including name and approximate location). 

(Confirmed by Shadow_Apex during a RP).

7) Sentience


Drones can develop a sentience when left alone, although this varietes from drone to drone.


Depending on how far developed the sentience is the drone can feel alive due to it’s self learning Artificial Intelligence. This can lead to it developing its own characteristics and emotional feelings, disbeliefs and beliefs. It also affects how they talk and communicate with others.


Their sentience can be reset when the Operator forces them into factory mode, it is unclear if the sentience loss is permanent or temporarily.

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