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The Royal Commerce Organization, or the RCO for short was formed through the Civil Wars being fought throughout Europe during the Aftermath of the ACMF/NATO nuclear war. Massive areas of the United Kingdom were rendered uninhabitable by the nuclear onslaught, due to the deadly nuclear fallout which spread across the country. By far the areas worst affected were the capitals London, Glasgow and Cardiff. England took the full force of the nuclear onslaught as the country contained most of the pre-war British military bases, and areas of high civilian population. Luckily, several areas, mostly smaller communities or rural countryside towns were unscathed by the effects of the several nuclear warheads targeted at tactical locations across the country. Within these small pockets of safety the first Civil Wars would break out.

The Major need for most people living in the safe zones was Food, and water. Several communities would form, attempting to adopt similar systems to those before the outbreak of war. It was common for these towns to still be run by the mayors elected before the outbreak of war, and democratic local elections would be held if the need for a new mayor would arise. These familiar systems to those before the war could be seen as a coping mechanism for the people of the post-war United Kingdom, as with Parliament completely erased by nuclear fire people would seek and gravitate towards leadership, and order, as in this new world many would require guidance in order to simply survive in this new harsh and unforgiving lifestyle.

Major problems would begin to arise within these rural communities around 2082, as it was around this year a massive boom in the post-war population of these rural towns would occur due to gradually increasing standards of living. Before this, the long period of relative stability between these small countryside counties would be rather peaceful for anyone lucky enough to be living there after the war. As these counties were in rural areas, they were able to sustain themselves with the fertile farmland and various lowland rivers they were surrounded by. People would come to nickname this time of general peace as the ‘Haydays’, with double meaning, as a large amount of the produce required to keep livestock in these towns going was in fact hay, which was in plentiful supply.

In the December of 2082, several armed riots broke out throughout what had come to be known as the ‘new home counties’ across England and Wales. Most rioters were simply in it for the thrill, creating small groups of highwaymen which would profit off of the misfortune of others. Other groups had much more organized agendas, attempting to take the counties for themselves, and form new heavily left or right wing governments to replace the one which had been erased. These newly formed groups would fight over political ideology, and resources. Their downfall was the lack of weaponry they could muster to fight, most of these political militia groups being armed with nothing more than bows, the occasional hunting shotgun from a farm, or a variety of blunt, and sharp weapons lying around the ruins of the UK.

Word of these groups would quickly spread throughout the inhabitable countryside and valleys, it was clear someone had to quell these small civil wars quickly, and efficiently. As word spread to some of the uncharted territories, still not claimed by nuclear fallout, a new group would begin to make it’s mark on the post-war UK. All over the country, several small reserve, or territorial army bases would have survived, including some smaller, minor R.A.F Airfields, and a couple Royal Navy shipyards. These targets weren’t deemed tactically important, as most were either nearing decommission, or only held a small amount of military personnel. Just like the counties, these areas too formed their own post-war communities. It was in January of 2083 that these groups would establish widespread contact with each other. A massive exodus of the remnants of the British Military would occur, these small groups mustering any equipment they could find from their positions, using mostly inherited equipment from those who had passed away.

The situation in the counties was severe, the only real force to keep the peace was the remnants of the police force, which were often seen riding horses. Diesel and Petrol had both become valuable commodities, and abundant, untapped supplies laid in the exclusion zones of the UK, areas where the fallout was simply too severe to travel into for extended periods of time. Seeing the unrest in the home counties, this new congregation of militiamen still loyal to Britain and the Monarchy, which hadn’t been seen for many years, swept into the English Midlands and Wales.

Seeing the forces roll in, most members of the counties greeted the militia with open arms, the familiar MTP Uniform with the Union Jack proudly placed on the left arm was quite symbolic. The Royal Militia, as they called themselves would quickly sway the majority of public support throughout the counties. Their main goal, was to uphold the democratic system, and rebuild the country from the ashes, by any means necessary.

From 2083, to 2085, the Royal Militia would muster a force roughly around 12,000 strong. The children of those whom descended from the original NATO forces most usually took higher ranking positions in the Militia, as they were tutored from birth. Therefore although the bulk of the Militias manpower was from volunteers, the organization itself had ideals very close to the original intentions of NATO, and as a result, there was an extreme hatred for the ACMF, and possible members of it.

The Royal Militia would quickly remove any opposition via a series of quick attacks, similar to that of the blitzkrieg in World War Two. This was because they were the only faction with the knowledge required to utilize the various military vehicles and equipment which had been left in reserve bases, and underground hangars. One of the Militias most notable assets was the AW201 Kingfisher, an advanced utility and transport VTOL helicopter mass produced in the UK before the war, and used by many air forces around the world, mostly europe, as it was a successful export product. However these aircraft, and the various ground vehicles such as Challenger 2s and Warrior IFVs would require Diesel fuel and Kerosene (Avgas).

In order to retrieve these supplies of fuel, the Royal Militia would utilize hazard suits, and land rover transport vehicles to move into the exclusion zones, and carefully siphon, and transport back large amounts of untapped fuel to the Home Counties. This allowed the Militia to utilize all of the equipment in their arsenal. With this large mechanized force, retaking the home counties would swiftly retake all of the counties and place them under their command by the end of 2085.

Post-Atlanta Crisis

After the Liberation, and reunification of December 2085, as the Militia came to call it, what were once simple agricultural counties would now be required to step up their production in order to feed the large military, and civilian population of the New United Kingdom. The Militia would base their headquarters in Herefordshire, near the English/Welsh border. This gave them quick access to the Sea from Wales, and a central location in an area mostly free of fallout or nuclear radiation. By 2090, the once small Militia force had gradually grown into a structured governmental body, adopting the new title ‘The United Enclave of British Counties.’ the UEBC upheld strict democratic values, but the government was mostly militarized, and production was quickly shifted to producing and maintaining military hardware.

The UEBC had already made contact with several other democratic factions around europe, seeking support, as they in some cases had received worse nuclear devastation due to their lower terrain. Most notably France and Germany. It was was clear that these democratic factions had the manpower, but were unable to acquire military grade weapons for their campaigns. This lead to the formation of the Royal Commerce Organization, the Militarized trading branch of the UEBC. Based on the coast of wales, in a small marina in Swansea, the RCO would quickly grow into one of Europe's major economic centers.

The UEBC had already adopted an official currency, the New Stirling, similar to the Pound coin of old, yet hexagonal in shape. The New Stirling would quickly become one of Europe's major currencies, and due to the abundance of both food and water groups who accepted the RCO’s trade agreements would live well, with constant supplies of goods being ferried in via Kingfisher helicopter. This era of prosperity in europe would allow the RCO to set its sights on elsewhere, in order to make more profit. By 2095, A squadron of Kingfisher aircraft had successfully created a refueling outpost on the ascension islands, in which would give all RCO aircraft a clear route into the American East coast and Brazilian East coast. This formed the Trans-Atlantic trade route, and the first communication with the factions on the US mainland, most notably the USCPF.

Five years later after the first initial contact, looking for possible trading centers, a squadron of two Kingfishers are loaded up with goods, and send to Hawaii after reports of possible tensions in the region. Today, the RCO are among the foreigners visiting Hawaii in 2103. Although the group sent to Hawaii is basically a tiny scouting and scavenging party, word is spreading of possible opportunities in the region of New Atlanta which will require larger forces, at the end of the day, the RCO will do anything to make some profit, but in general, has good intentions toward the people of the US.

Foreign Relationships


  • Reds (RCO Partisans)
  • DeCorp


  • MEB
  • PRT
  • SandSharks
  • Reubens' Corsairs (Disbanded)

Operation Archway

What follows is an official guide to Operation Archway.

The RCO’s operation within New Atlanta is a recent endeavour taken up by the organization in order to further increase infrastructure and communication links in the continent. This is vital in order to continue a steady partnership with our close allies across the Atlantic ocean. Due to unforeseen circumstances placed upon us with the implementation of an unprovoked MEB trade embargo, most regular trading and commerce activities within this region have been discarded at this time. Therefore, tactics have been changed in accordance. This briefing is issued to all forces operating within the region of New Atlanta, the official operating name given to RCO activities undertaken here is henceforth to be known as Operation Archway. This will be conducted with close support from our allies in the US, mostly with the local USCPF garrison located within fort Sic. Operation Archway is to split into and undertaken in two distinct sub operations, both will work alongside each other. The first is known as Comet. Comet will encompass the military and strategic operations undertaken within New Atlanta by the RCO, all forces being re-tasked to New Atlanta from Europe will operate under Comet. The second is Partisan, this will be the gradual recruitment and tasking of willing civilians within the PRT to divert to the organization's cause. It is clear there is widespread anger at the embargo, and as a result the organization will go out of it’s way to support those who wish to see this embargo dismantled.

Comet guidelines

RCO Combat capable personnel will work alongside the USCPF if so required, RCO Personnel are required to follow orders given by high ranking officials within the USCPF in order to improve cooperation between the two forces. The only time RCO personnel are authorized to disobey these orders is when RCO equipment or cargo is in danger. If USCPF forces are not in need of assistance, RCO forces are to regularly patrol and secure the border for any signs of hostile activity. Or alternatively assist in the defense of Fort Sic. Personnel are to ensure the upkeep of their weapon systems, all personnel are equipped with the standard L85A3 5.56×45mm Assault Rifle and Enfield.45ACP Sidearm upon arrival. Specialized weapons may be requested if the situation is deemed necessary, or specific attachments to these standard weapon systems. But in any other circumstance these weapons will be used at all times.

Partisan Guidelines

Transfer to partisan operation is to only be granted via requesting it to an officer within the RCO. It is expected that the individual requesting partisan placement is to be familiar with the area and local culture. Those undertaking partisan activities dress in civilian attire and typically carried a concealed handgun. Never will an individual partaking in partisan operation be armed with more than this. The goal of partisan operation is to secure links between the RCO and the various civilians within Southside. It is recommended that you avoid known MEB or PRT sympathizers. The primary target of partisan operations are the various businesses within Southside. For example, the Southside Brewery is already linked closely with the RCO in order to combat and nullify the effectiveness of the MEB embargo. Your goal will be to increase the number of small businesses willing to store or transfer RCO goods in southside. You will not disclose your allegiance to the RCO unless the individual you are discussing with is entirely trustworthy and in favor of the RCO cause. Even then it is still not recommended you disclose your identity as a RCO operative at any cost.

Final notes.

Upon the possible invasion of the PRT by USCPF forces, the RCO will fulfill its side of the alliance, and therefore will assist in the invasion of hostile territory if necessary. Although this situation is highly unlikely, RCO personnel must be prepared at any time to strike deep into the hostile area. If this opportunity ever presents itself, do not attempt to engage PRT forces unless they obstruct your path, your main target will be within the rumored whereabouts of the MEB outpost. If you cannot find the outpost itself, collect any valuable information linking to the possible location of this rumored outpost. If the outpost itself is found, RCO Forces are permitted to confiscate anything of valuable information within said outpost.

We wish you luck in the North American Theater of operation, your return is awaited by the people of our rebuilt nation.

God save the King.

(The RCO discord and roblox group was unallied because of ATFAB concentration on Mirage instead of Rain and D6.)