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It was an average morning in Southside when the sun rose above the town. The daily morning radio announcements played as citizens began to go about their day. As the radio host announced the news of the day, he was interrupted by the sound of gunfire and explosions in the backround. As the sound of a struggle echoed over the radio, the host could be heard admitting to reading a script for the MEB. The host's voice was then replaced by an unfamiliar man. He announced that the citizens of the PRT had been lied to, and that their Country's government was a puppet to the MEB. He stated the MEB had organized the Atlanta Crisis in a ploy to start a war and take over the United States. The man then revealed himself to be Jack Camacho.

Civilians throughout Southside began to riot. Some were more calm, and others were furious. Reds who had been hiding out in the town began to reveal themselves. They carried heavy weaponry and stormed through the town. Soon, the Justice Department was surrounded. The crowd began to demand that the TIFEPOL come outside and surrender themselves. As this happened, Fort Wilmington was struck by mortar-fire in a distant area. Mortars came down on the Justice Department as the civil unrest continued. Eventually the doors to the building opened, and several low-ranking TIFEPOL officers came outside with their superiors in handcuffs. The higher ranking officers were taken prisoner, and the lower ranks were permitted to flee.

Soon after, the PRTM began to send troops from Fort Wilmington. An APC drove down the road. Its turret opened fire on the rooftops of Southside. It was quickly overwhelmed with heavy fire from the Reds and the angry civilians. PRTM who had entered the town on-foot were attacked and killed. The APC stopped in its tracks, and the PRTM inside came out and surrendered. As with TIFEPOL, the lower ranks were spared. With the PRTM and TIFEPOL defeated, the Reds had taken over Southside with the support of its citizens.

Radio Message

Before the fighting broke out in the town, the southern radio was interrupted for an important message in a similar fashion to the last. The nervous sounding radio announcer spoke in his usual timid tone of voice.

"..Good morning, Southside, the MEB ha-" There is a sudden interruption in the message, followed by the sound of gunfire going off. "...Don't shoot, don't shoot! They 'been makin' me read a script!"

The surprising events caught the attention of those huddled around their radios during the afternoon. It goes quiet for a few moments, then a new, authoritative tone breaks the silence.

"Southside, you have been lied to. Brazil has control over the PRT's politicians and law enforcement. Brazil's military has orchestrated a war between us and the North, and are exploiting this war to weaken our land's people and subjugate us. The bombing of Fort Galman during the Atlanta Crisis was carried out by Brazil, and they have continued staging attacks framed on the North ever since. We are here to make a stand against the MEB. There will be much fighting. If you wish to survive their attack, I suggest you leave Southside by tonight."

There is a pause,

"This is Jack Camacho, Gloriam Americae.."