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That ain’t no durn missile truck!

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History of the Railgun Tank

The Railgun Tank was a armored tank with its main gun was a electric pulse cannon(?). The railgun was used by the USCPF during the Atlanta Crisis and other US armies during World War 3. During the Siege of Rockport, the USCPF used the Rail-gun to stop the PRTM from entering and capturing the city. Multiple offensives caused by MEB and PRTM didn't break through the defensive city until in 2103 after the USCPF's seven year hold, they start evacuate the city and scuttled their own railguns to prevent the enemies capturing it. The Railgun turrets was now re-used by MEB by creating the hybrid tank. When they start to send the tank for experiment, they test their fire power on USS Winfall owned by US Navy/USCPF. As the MEB and PRT escorts the Railgun tank back to the tunnel, people were shocked and suprised that the hybrid tank was responsible for making a loud battle. Most people in Southside didn't know the truth as they continued on, some rumors spread and citizens of Southside kept an eye on the MEB.

A few days after the USCPF Airforce bombings and the Southside riots of the Reds and Anti-MEBs, A MEB convoy of APCs, Armored Trucks, and their infamous tank: Railgun Tank were ambushed by a Joint US-Reds. The tank destroyed the water tower, gunned down most of the defenders on the roof and killed anyone who are inside the Halfmoon Bank & Trust. When a lone Red defender attacked the Justice Departments' front roof, the debris hits the Tank and at first, it appeared unhindered until when the main gun prepares to fire, it malfunctions because of the debris and damages to the gun. It explodes inside the tank and its MG with explosive rounds doubled it. When it exploded, the shrapnel hits in all directions and thus ending avenging the Windfall. It was now in debris with rubble.


After The Flash- Deep Six MEB Railtank Event