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Shortly after the nuclear barrages later coined The Flash, the surviving populace faced a new, rising, and potentially cataclysmic threat: a strange new illness with no known cure or origin; the Radiation Accelerated Disease. Taking entire towns within days, survivors of the Flash lived in fear of an outbreak.

No country was safe from the disease, but areas with more severe levels of radiation suffered far worse. The confusion of the Flash left many nuclear missiles off course, detonating early through miscalculation or defenses, or outright failing to detonate, leaving radioactive waste scattered throughout the wastelands of former countries. Those infected by the disease gradually lose control of themselves, with the disease taking total control eventually. Mutants work together with a singular end goal; The infection of all healthy humans to take over the post apocalyptic world.



Airborne spores from Biomass growths or extended decomposition of a RAD-5+ mutant corpse are a potential hazard for uninfected. Infection can be as quick as seconds to minutes depending on exposure levels. The spores released by decaying mass or the biomass can even clog up gas mask filters.

Example: The spores from the biomass inside Lake Mead Nuclear could infect in seconds if inhaled and can clog filters within five minutes.

Food & Water:

Capable of staying a source of infection for months, Water and Food can be contaminated by Spores, or the blood of mutants.

Direct Contact:

Individuals can be infected through physical attacks by RAD-4 and above. Deep wounds, such as significant stabbings, injections from Leachers' barbed cells into open skin, or excessive contact with infected blood and flesh may also spread the disease.

Additional details to protect yourself from RAD


Clearly shown in the name, radiation accelerates the disease’s progression. The higher the intensity of radiation, the quicker the speed of change. Radiation also allows for the growth and sustainment of Biomass.

Example: The radiation inside of Lake Mead Nuclear allows a mutant to change from a RAD-4 to a RAD-6 in days, where as a mutant roaming the wasteland could take years to do so. However, the radiation in that area is strong enough to kill a normal human within minutes of exposure.


Created shortly after the Korean Crisis in 2031, DeRADiators were initially used to treat the soldiers sent that survived the single nuclear strike that ended the Crisis. Large scale manufacturing was done by the US and its allies as an insurance, and was distributed to government bunkers, ultimately finding its way into the hands of survivors after the Flash.

DeRADiators consist of a fluid compound, injected primarily through a syringe into a vein or artery. The solution inside flushes the body of radioactive compounds, but is painful to those infected with RAD-X as it kills off the disease. While Scrap Towns would have rarely have supplies of DeRADiators, the resources of larger, wealthier factions like the USCPF and SLF would be capable of manufacturing some for sale, while the CDF would willingly distribute them as needed.

When used against the later stages of RAD-X (5+), DeRADiators act similar to tranquilizers, starving the disease of the radiation it requires, allowing for capture of a mutant albeit incredibly risky.


The USCPF has made a designation chart for the mutant stages as they likely observed them change.

RAD-1 (Incubation)

This stage shows no symptoms. If discovered and treated with DeRADiators, it can be cured within a day.

RAD-2 (Green/Yellow Sickness)

Most flu symptoms occur during this stage and the infected's skin turns pale yellow or slight green. The symptoms are mostly coughing, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, diarrhea, and a fever. This stage can be cured within a week by treatment with DeRADators.

RAD-3 (Refugee, Outcast)

The Rad-III stage shows 2 variants:

Variant 1, Refugee - At this stage RAD-X can be seen affecting the brain causing the host to become deeply paranoid and scared of humans and mutants alike, causing them to live in solitude. Their symptoms from before increase intensity. They also began to have auditory and visual hallucinations lining up with those of nervous schizophrenia. Their skin also begins to become deeper green/yellow and their hair starts to fall out.

Variant 2, Outcast - A Variant 1 Rad-III that has been cured of the RAD-X. The process of curing at Rad-III stage takes a course for over a month, and it is extremely painful, after the course showing side effects, such as skin turning into a reddish dusty rose color and sensitivity to sunlight, easily

RAD-4 (Marauder)

It is often hard to tell if a Marauder is a Rad-III due to the fact that there is seemingly no difference in symptoms until a Marauder interacts with another mutant. If a Marauder is alone and finds some biomass, they will begin to take shelter there and try to grow it further. If anyone goes near the biomass, the Marauder becomes extremely defensive, often killing to help feed it or protect it. If a marauder is with other mutants and also with biomass, it will use it as a tool to further its goals of infecting the uninfected by using its ability to heal wounds.

RAD-5 (Sapien/Undead)

RAD-X takes full control of the host. those unlucky enough to reach this stage are seemingly trapped in their minds, making them unable to talk to other mutants and only able to mumble to themselves. However, they will still listen to a Marauder if commanded. Their limbs often detach and fall off. Bones may snap and muscles may contort in strange and seemingly random ways, turning RAD-V into horrific visages of a human, giving them the nickname "The Undead". After some time as a Sapien, their limbs will snap in ways that expose bone. The exposed bone is used as blades, to allow them to defend themselves. When a Sapien is wounded, instead of killed, they will begin bleeding spores that exit the wound. A Sapien will also attempt to seek out an area with a large amount of radiation, often drawing them to growths of biomass. Some theorize that they do this so that they can mutate faster; However, others think it's so that they can start to grow biomass there.

RAD-6, Strain A (Creeper)

At this stage, the infected undergo further mutation. The skin tightens around their body until the ribs are visible through it. Their joints invert allowing them better movement for climbing. A lumpy growth grows on their back, forcing them to crawl on all fours. Their eyes mutate to have reflectors in them, similar to cats' eyes, causing them to seemingly glow in the dark. They are able to perfectly mimic the cries and calls of a human, to lure in prey.

RAD-6, Strain B (Hitman)

The alternate transformation after Sapiens, the Hitman’s mutations are muscular focused. Bones are strengthened and muscular growth is accelerated disproportionately, with one arm staying relatively human and the other growing to massive proportions. All over the arm, portions of skin harden and grow in patchwork fashion. Hitmen possess superhuman strength in this arm, capable of shattering bone and throwing full-grown men. This disproportionate weight means the Hitman moves at a slow gait, incapable of matching the speeds of an average person’s full sprint.

Hitmen act as frontline troops for mutation, breaking down defenses and attacking defenders. Their mind is weakened after their transformation, meaning Hitmen’s only tactic when a Marauder is not present is to simply rush the opponent and pound them into submission. However, this does not mean they’re incapable of communication or in any means stupid, merely that they prefer aggressive tactics.

RAD-7, Strain A (Leacher)

The next transformation after Creepers. The lumpy growth from their back turns into an additional limb, making them able to latch onto a ceiling. They grow a second head which is able to spit barbed bio-matter cells. If it's spat into the open skin of its victim, that person is infected with RAD-X. Leachers also have a skeletal appearance, being taller than an average human and having tightened skin.

RAD-7, Strain B (Crusher)

The hardened skin patches grow all over it's torso and arms, having a deep green color. The skin patches can block any pistol caliber (obviously taking normal damage from rifles and above) and are able to crush uninfected through most materials, similarly to Hitmen, as they're a transformation from them.AI-8, Strain A (Malicious One)

This stage is restricted to LorePlay Master+.

RAD-8 Strain A (Malicious One)

The Malicious One has a terrifying nature, being a transformation from a Leacher. It is similar to the Leacher itself, yet it grows another additional limb and a third head, which spits acid that is capable of melting any substance known to man. It is the most acidic substance in existence. This mutant is also able to go toe-to-toe with a regular human, and is even stronger than an average Crusher. These mutants are between 7 feet and 9 feet tall. They are also noted to all have IQs with an average of 150.

RAD-8 Strain B (Malevolent One)

A symbol of the raw, mutated strength the Green Strain has to offer, Malevolent Ones are one of the heaviest, strongest, and deadliest mutants in the wastes. The average full-grown RAD-8B is able to pick up and throw car doors, as well as heavily damaging SEAL suits with their bare fists. A RAD-8B's extreme strength enables them to smash through the hardest of materials such as steal plating.

The armor of a Malevolent One also grows all over their entire body, covering them in chitinous armor capable of absorbing almost all arms fire, even up to that of a .50 cal. However, their body armor provides little to no protection against fire or electricity. Similar to Malicious Ones, their regained intelligence also has a nearby effect on lesser mutants that temporarily increase their neural functions. Malevolent Ones also act as ringleaders for mutant hordes.

RAD-9 (The Beast)

Nothing at all is known about how to cure yourself after running into an encounter with one. The only accepted (and efficient cure) is to become an hero and off yourself. You'll do the world a big favor.

The Corrupted

RAD-C1 (Bugeyes)

A heavily mutated humanoid unrecognizable as a human. It's characteristic traits are abnormally large insect-like eyes and sharp teeth. Their body is covered in hair-like black mutated material. Their hands are fully replaced with sharp bones sticking out of their wrists, which makes it claws similar to a Leacher's. They are overall dangerous due to being fast, as well as unnaturally strong, easily able to penetrate armour.

RAD-C2 (Flytrap)

A horrific transformation from a human, and considered a quadrupedal terror. Their limbs are morphed, allowing easier quadrupedal movement. It's head completely lacks eyes or ears, the creature is blind. It has highly tuned smell and hearing, ensuring no human can escape it's detection. It's head is split open to reveal a maw of sharp teeth, and it is more than capable of tearing off limbs.

RAD-C3 (The One)

The One is an unholy terror towering even above SEALs. It is abnormally large, up to 9 feet. Although it's body is unnaturally featureless, it has large, glowing red eyes and unusually long arms, which stretch nearly to the ground, sharp claws extending from fingers. They are capable of spitting a highly corrosive acid, forming it into a globule and then launch it at it's prey. The acidic globule explodes on impact. The One is able to shrug off wounds that would kill any other living thing due to the biomass on its body simply knitting itself over the injury before any lasting damage can be done. The One's limbs can even be reattached with this strategy. The only exception to this is fire: given sufficient time, the biomass on The One's body will light easily and turn the creature into a walking fireball, and then quickly to ash.

This stage is restricted to LorePlay Master+, even if with permission, normal players can't roleplay as it.

RAD-CA1 (Rabid)

This mutation is caused directly by the serum, RAD-C being capable of infecting canines. The Rabids completely lack fur, their body is covered in red boils as a sign of transformation, the eyes would glow red. They are allover as fast as a dog, it's movement (presumably) not altered. They're most dangerous in packs.


Biomass, the byproduct of Sapiens, is an alternate solid form of the disease which is resistant to bullets. If touched, it infects with RAD-X immediately. The biomass can help mutants by rather quickly filling a wounds (1-24 hours based on the wound) leaving a hard scab made of biomass. If given sufficient time and radiation, limbs can also be regrown. Biomass is resistant or immune to all forms of conventional weaponry. The only way to kill it is with concentrated exposure to very high heat, such as with a flamethrower.


Spores are byproducts of higher rad mutants decaying, wounds on sapiens and biomass existing. When inhaled the individual i will be infected with RAD-X. Spores can be blocked by a simple filter however may clog filters in large amounts.


Descendants are 'hybrids' of humans and normal mutants, which have been researched on by the USCPF scientists and altered to not be capable of infecting. Descendants are able to exist only from the strain split beginning, RAD-4 stage. Such things as RAD-5 descendants and RAD-4 descendants do not exist, and higher, restricted stages, such as RAD-VIII, do not exist too, due to being too dangerous.

Descendants appear to be from 10 to 23, considered 'test tube babies' by people, as they grow up in the labs. Pre-teen ages of these are very rare, since being young and also possessing heavy disadvantages makes them nearly incapable of escaping. More common are mid-teen and late teen ages, most of them escape as adults.

Creeper Descendant - Hunchback

Hunchbacks are Creeper descendants. The name 'Hunchback' comes from permanent hump due to the lumpy growth from the Creeper stage still remaining on the back. Their muscles are atrophied and cause extreme weakness and brittle bones, they often rely on others to help them with even basic daily tasks. Their nerves are messed up and they are unable to feel pain.

Hitman Descendant - Slugger

Sluggers are Hitman descendants with severe defects. Their oversized arm either is simply flopping around due to it being nerve dead, this often causing problems with balance. The arm can be amputated (cut off).

Crusher Descendant - Deadweight

Deadweight is a fate known way worse than Sluggers. These are Crusher descendants. Their arms are completely useless and chest mutations cause problems with breathing. They often will not survive without help of others or other descendants. Their arms are able to be cut off, luckily they feel no pain in the amputation process due to the arms being nerve dead.

Leacher Descendant - Stick Man

Stick Man is a Leacher descendant. Their second head is basically an useless brain dead sack that simply lies against the normal head. Their sharpened bones on knuckles tear their skin sometimes even from a slight movement. They suffer brittle bones, same as a Hunchback.

Descendants are incapable of using prosthetics due to their internal structures being mutated and altered.

Nutshell Info

Beginning Stages

RAD-I: No symptoms, can be cured within a day via deRADators.

RAD-II: Flu-like symptoms, skin turns into green or pale yellow color, can be cured within a week via de-rads.

RAD-III: Symptoms from last stage continue, this time including schizophrenia, the infected begins to loose hair.

RAD-III (Outcast): Cured out from the disease, dusty-rose/red colored skin and extreme sensitivity to sunlight as side effects.


RAD-IV: No physical problems apart from discolored skin (usually green, sometimes yellowish). Infected at this stage act as RAD frontline commanders, able to lead hordes of mutants, maximally to RAD-VII. Feral, less when alone, though.

RAD-V: Weakness, limbs detach and bones snap. They are capable of producing biomass, and (in about a day) spores. Feral.

RAD-VI (Strain A): Sensitivity to light, green-glowing eyes, remaining weakness, a lumpy growth appears on their back and their limbs' joints invert, forcing into animal movement. These are unique as they, instead of speaking normally, mimic survivor's voices. Feral, yet do not attack-on-sight.

RAD-VII (Strain A): The growth on back transforms into a third arm, allowing them to climb swiftly and latch onto ceilings (Do not mistake the third arm for a tail). They also grow a second head which spits barbed bio-matter, which when is spat into an uninfecteds open wound, infects the victim. Feral.

RAD-VIII (Strain A): A fourth arm begins to grow nearby their third arm on under their nape, they too grow a third head, able to melt metal and SEAL suits. They are agile, stealthy and smart due to enhanced intelligence. Feral. Restricted to LPM+.

RAD-VI (Strain B): Hardened skin patches begin to grow out on it's right arm. They are allover weak, but their right arm - with increased mass and bulk - allows them to crush a grown man through most materials, except solid concrete or bricks walls. Feral, prefer aggression if not led by a marauder.

RAD-VII (Strain B): The skin patches begin to grow on their torso and other arm, making it incredibly strong and able to throw a grown man, flip over (yet not lift up) a car, and easily yank out doors. Feral.

RAD-VIII (Strain B): It's skin patches turn into chitinous-like armor which is able to deflect and halt most of bullets, yet not fire and explosives. It is stronger than a SEAL in an exo-suit, able to smash through brick walls. Yet it isn't dumb, it's IQ is increased and enhanced, able to do smart moves to easily kill it's victim. For example, a well known new malevolent one called 'Your Dad' would incapacitate a SEAL suit operator and carry him straight into the biomass nest... Feral. Restricted to LPM+.

RAD-IX: It is not known if this mutant's existence is real, or either not. Only references to it come from the USCPF documents.

RAD-X: ?


RAD-VI, Strain 'A' Descendant: Atrophied muscles cause extreme weakness, the lumpy growth on it's back remains, forcing them into a hunched over position.

RAD-VI, Strain 'B' Descendant: It's overgrown arm is nerve dead, yet it's weight remains, causing problems with balance and forced usage of only 1 arm. The nerve-dead arm may be severed off, common term being 'operated'.

RAD-VII, Strain 'A' Descendant: It's additional limb is surgically removed, the second head is brain dead and useless, lying next to the original head.

RAD-VII, Strain 'B' Descendant: The worst descendant fate, it's both arms being completely nerve dead, chest mutations causing problems with breathing, with symptoms such as wheezing, coughing or heavy breathing.

False Myths about RAD-X

1. Cures for RAD-X is possible.

2. I don't wanna be force infected with RAD-X.