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Pliskin Airport is a Pre-War airport used in Southside before the war (or 'The Flash') It was made to replace the South Eastern Farm for ATF: Deep Winter making Deep Six non-cannon with it.


  • Luggage area: It serves no other purpose but to load luggage for people who were leaving or entering Southside.
  • Crashed B-1 Supersonic: A pre-war supersonic bomber used by the USAF (United States Air Force) the reason why it has crashed is because of a hull breach, which caused depressurization, or it has been shot down
  • Entrance: Nothing else than a entrance to the pre-war airport.
  • Parking: A parking lobby that was used to store cars.
  • Runway: A runway that was used to help planes take off or land. It is no longer in use due to the fact that air vehicles are no longer used.


Pliskin Airport is mentioned on the Highway billboard in Southside and Northside.

The same B-1 Supersonic crash was also used before the Farm was removed.

Pliskin Airport does not appear in Deep Six since the games are not canon with eachother.