(I RP as this character in ATF, this is what I think his backstory was like) When Pete was born in a small town in Missouri, he was quite an unusual baby. He didn't cry, but he toughened up by 4 months. When he grew to the age of 4, his dad took him hunting for the first time. That same hunting trip, his dad was nearly onto a buck, but it rammed him right in the ribs, killing his dad instantly. Little Pete was scared as hell. He began having depression and anxiety from this somehow many years later, at age 10. His mom was devastated during those times, killing herself when she couldn't "Take it anymore.". This left Pete in a foster home. Two drug addict parents found him, took him in, and manipulated him. He quickly started to abuse drugs only at age 13. He did the same over and over again until he was finally caught at a party, and imprisoned. He was devastated. He got some buddies in prison that mentored him into stopping drugs, as they were in prison for a long time. He quickly knew not to. But after about 3 years, he had enough of prison, started a riot, and in during the riot, got out. But during the riot, he killed the friends he had made, with a stolen taser from a guard he killed. He quickly was the most wanted man in Greene County. He quickly fled to Scottsdale, Arizona. He quickly got back onto drugs. He did the same and same again until the year 2032. He quickly fled into a grocery store in the riots. He was there for a total of 10 years, maybe more. He was only living on water, beer, and canned beans. Sometimes SPAM. After these years were up, as he thought it was, he fled outdoors. He survived the flash, the wasteland, and is surviving well now. Pete Gristler is 51 years old.

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