Tidewater, officially the The People's Republic of Tidewater, is a country that expands all of what was once southern USA. The country either claims all of what was once southern USA, South California, Arizona and New Mexico or what was once the Confederate States of America.


As of 2115, the PRT's economy (and quite possibly Brazil's as well) is struggling, with the Brazilian Real grossly inflated (10 TWD = 1 USD). Most land throughout the PRT, when not taking into account the vast spaces of undeveloped rural country, consists of dirt-poor slums and impoverished inhabitants. Many areas, such as Southside, Georgia, have succumbed to high levels of criminal activity. The PRT's armed forces, the CDF, are capable, yet under-powered compared to the US Military. The PRT's navy most likely consists of brown-water craft, coastal ships, and small destroyers/corvettes. With no air force to speak of other than helicopters, the PRT must be forced to fight against the US without much control of the skies. The PRT's infantry is equal to their US counterparts in many areas, yet ultimately inferior in terms of doctrine, training, and equipment. Luckily for the Republic, its forces are almost always found side by side with their superior Brazilian allies, whose troops are arguably just as good as American ones. Inside the south Chest plates are illegal, however rigs are not. With the backing of Brazil's extremely strong army and navy, most citizens Tidewater can rest easy without fear of US invasion.


The PRT was founded by both the MEB and the Civilian Defense Front during the Atlanta Crisis in order to counteract the strength of the United States. The PRT is practically a Brazilian puppet, with many Brazilian insiders deep within the government pulling strings and carrying out the will of the nation's Brazilian puppet masters. The PRT's military works closely with the MEB to oppose the USA in every way it can, with both forces sharing equipment and vehicles. During the Atlanta Crisis, the PRT and the MEB launched numerous successful surprise attacks on the US using tanks, advanced weapons, and wave after wave of infantry. The PRT imprisoned all US officials (such as diplomats) within the nation and executed them shortly thereafter. Today, the PRT continues to oppose the US by spewing out propaganda and indoctrinating all of its soldiers with anti-American and pro-Brazilian rhetoric. The PRT uses an agency primarily known as TIFEPOL in order to ensure any pro-American or anti-Brazilian ideals or threats are to be eliminated. |}

When the third civil war ends with US Army, Reds Freedom fighters, and Royal Armies victory. The PRT was defeated and annexed by the US, re-uniting the South. With GCSA aiding the town communities, city populous, and the farmlands owners, the ruins were demolished and rebuild. The PRT-M loyalists were gone, but they were remembered by the people of America. With the MEB exposed, they fall back to deeper south of America. While the parts of the land previously owned by Mexico in Southwest of Texas, it is unknown if the US annexes it or liberate it.