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The United States of America (USA) is a constitutional republic founded in 1776 upon declaring independence from Great Britain. It was founded on values of individual rights, democracy, and the free market. Before the flash, it was arguably the world's only superpower, with a military rivaled by no other individual nation. After the flash brought it to its knees, it embarked on a long and arduous process of rebuilding society from the ground up.

The United States has one of the best economies in the world, strengthened only by its European trading partners and direct control of its arms industry. It continues the old world American values and lifestyles of freedom and democracy to the fullest extent possible. Much like its pre-flash predecessor, it spans from coast to coast with numerous states, all of which have a strong and proud sense of identity. Its military forces are currently at grips with the CDF and MEB on the Eastern Front and are engaged in a cold war with the CDF militia of the Western Front.


Most citizens in the US live simple lives as Officers , factory workers, miners, and farmers. The industrial prosperity in the Midwest has created a strong middle class. Around 48 percent of the population live in rural areas, while the rest live in cities and suburbs. Most of the US's ultra-rich elite live in Northeastern mansions and estates.


The United States was originally a group of 13 British colonies located on North America's East Coast. The colonies officially declared and won their independence as the United States of America during the American Revolution. Following its newfound independence, the United States rapidly grew in both territory and wealth. Following clashes over trade wars, slavery, and states rights, a distinct split between the Northern and the Southern states occurred, resulting in the First American Civil War. The modern day PRT derives heavily from the Confederate States of America, with a "South will rise again" mentality and a reverence for the Bonnie Blue Flag. The First American Civil War lasted 4 long and bloody years before ending with a Northern triumph over the CSA. Continuing onward and united, the US warmly welcomed the railroad and the industrial boom of the late 19th century, entering the 20th century a relevant player in world politics. After emerging from the first two World Wars victorious, the status of the United States as a superpower was solidified. So was the status of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), an authoritarian Communist nation that differed from the United States in terms of ideology, culture, long-term goals, doctrine, and almost every other area imaginable. This spawned the conflict that never turned to conflict - the Cold War, an ideological split that almost prematurely ended civilization before the real flash could. Both US-aligned and Soviet-aligned nations stocked up on military equipment and nuclear missiles, preparing heavily for a war that everyone prayed would never come. The Cold War ended with the collapse and official dissolution of the USSR and the Warsaw Pact in 1991. The effects of the war, however, lasted for decades afterwards as the pressure on international tensions grew little by little until exploding in the biggest blast the world had ever seen (at the time). The world collapsed into warfare once again in 2026, caught in a conflict between NATO and the newly formed ACMF.

World War 3

Prior to the flash, the United States was a prominent member of NATO and one of the main belligerents in the conflict that saw the destruction of the world. It was a world superpower, having influence that reached to every corner of the world. Following the Russian "Brushfire Wars" in the early 2020s, which saw Russian expansionism and aggression increase through the form of proxy wars and invasion, many members of NATO and the United Nations (the USA included) imposed crippling sanctions on the Russian Federation. This forced the Russians and the Chinese, who were suffering from a resource and energy shortage at the time, to form a secret alliance out of necessity. With the combined might of Russia and China, the Brushfire Wars only intensified. They climaxed in 2023, when North Korean forces supplied and backed by Russia and China rushed across the 38th parallel and captured the South Korean capital of Seoul. A coalition, made up largely of American forces, was formed from NATO member nations and sent to reinforce the Southern Republic of Korea. After the North Korean advance was halted, the war turned into a meat grinder until Coalition forces managed to stage a naval invasion of Hamhung and strategically flank the North Koreans. The South Korean capital of Seoul was retaken and North Korean defeat seemed inevitable until Chinese soldiers flooded over North Korea's Northern border and caused the Coalition invasion of Hamhung to fail. Events escalated, and by 2026, NATO was at officially at war with the newly formed ACMF, which itself was born from the Russian-Chinese alliance.

The Third World War was the bloodiest in US history, seeing US territory invaded for the first time since the Second World War. The ACMF managed to disrupt US operations in the Caribbean and even force a successful invasion of the Southeastern United States. ACMF forces, while suffering extremely high causalities (much higher than those of the Americans), managed to continue their advance into American territory at a steady rate. The Americans responded dramatically, with entire railgun batteries being installed in Puerto Rico and an invasion of mainland China being undertaken by the United States Marine Corps, using Japan as a major staging ground for the amphibious invasion. The conflict continued to ravage the world until November 2nd, 2032, when somebody finally pushed the button. Global thermonuclear warfare ensued, wiping out most civilization across the entire world and changing the face of the planet forever. The US, most likely being nuked more than any single other NATO-aligned nation, was almost completely wiped out during the flash. It certainly made sure that it didn't go down without a bang. The US not only nuked the ACMF and its allies, but launched missiles at neutral neighbors such as Brazil as well. It is said that the U.S. President in 2032, President McCormmick, had the resources to stop the Flash, but didn't, thus ending the pre-flash era of the United States and entering the horrors of the nuclear post-apocalyptic wasteland.


During the Nuclear Winter era, some of the US Military begins to survive all their own while the rest of the armies formed into USCPF (Civil Preservation Forces) and later the GCSA forms due to Preservation act. Their goal was to reclaim their former states and eliminate any threats. Meanwhile the wasteland survivors formed into CDF (Citizen Defense Front) for protection on fellow wastelanders, reuniting into a better life, and rebuild a new nation out of the ashes. In the end of the winter and the early dust bowl era, the USCPF and CDF made themselves allies each other, fighting off SLF, ACMF remnants, Mutants, and Criminal Raiders. In the late of 21st Century, the GCSA was no longer needed for the east since the lands are stabled. They were transferred to the west to clean up the wasteland in Hawaii, California, Nevada, Arizona, and other states.

The Atlanta Crisis

In the 2090's near the end of the 21st Century, the CDF Rebels and the MEB from the South makes a Coup against Pro-US CDF Officials. As the Coup as completed, the Rebels formed People's Republic of Tidewater, a puppet of the MEB. As the CDF Rebels now PRTM mobilized to the US borders, they attacked without warning causing a surprise attack on the USCPF armies. The invasion of the US has changed in the 2097 during the Battle of Kansas, the army started to counterattack from Missouri to Georgia. As the Armistice halted the war, the PRT claimed the former lands of Confederate States of America and while the West CDF went to uneasy peace with the USCPF in Hawaii. In the aftermath of the war, the GCSA returned back to the east for rebuilding and education. Many years after the current 2nd Civil War, the UBEC supports the US due to the British being embargoed from the PRT and Rockport after years of holdout, they abandoned the City and destroyed the Railgun turrets.


After a 30 years of "Peace", the artillery from the hill near Southside caused a broken truce. During the war, the Anti-MEB organization named the Reds were a freedom fighters against the PRT and MEB Ideals, but the US considers them Bandit Criminals and the MEB propagandas them as terrorists. During the late summer, the Reds behind the frontlines rises up and fight the MEB with the PRT Rebels on their side. Meanwhile the US army joined up by DEcorps, Royal Commerce, and the Reds marches from Halfmoon to Florida. A few years later, the People's Republic of Tidewater blue flag collapsed under the old US flag. The southern land was reclaimed and the reconstruction can continue while the US and British Navies fight the Brazil ships on the Gulf of Mexico. They return the Disputed Canadian lands back to the Canadian Government, but the part of Mexican States in the North were annexed by the US as buffer zones against MEB invasions. In the west part of the United States, the West CDF forces were either surrendered or completely destroyed and soon the US reclaimed part of the former states. Years later, the cities and towns were rebuilt and the US made amends with the MEB after a long hostilities.

The threats outside remained, but that's another in-game story, perhaps another genre.



  • CDF (until Atlanta Crisis)
  • NATO and European Union (Pre-War)
  • UBEC (after the Crisis)
  • DEcorps


  • Brazil (until the amendents)
  • People’s Republic of Tidewater
  • ACMF (including Russian Federation)
  • Criminal factions
  • Mutants