Whitman Bay and Southside were formerly one large municipality. Farmers from the north would bring their crops into Southside to sell at the market, and the power station would provide Southside with power. Northside was it’s own little heaven in the middle of nowhere, but this all changed when the US arrived and snatched it out of the PRT’s hands, a large skirmish happening, involving tanks and other armored vehicles. Northside was forever changed when Fort Shad was built in 2103, with it being turned into more of a military community. In the following years, the area was reinforced more and more by the US. Because of it’s smaller and more spread out population, Northside was partially spared from the crime and anarchy outbreak which affected Southside.


Just like in Southside, military convoys and patrols are a very common sight. Citizens in Northside have access to looser gun laws and dew laws than in Southside, mostly “dew” (pun) to the Constitutionalist-leaning government of the area. Northside has less open/violent crime and more underground crime. Most of the people still living in Northside are farmers, power plant workers, mechanics, and others living in Whitman Bay are store and dock workers. In Whitman Bay there’s a fisherman’s rumor that an old ACMF submarine is somewhere off the coast, but no one knows if it’s true or not. (Which the submarine was removed for lag reasons) Most Northsiders are loyal to the USA.

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