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Formed out of the ashes of Japan's former self, this faction seeks to rid Japan of mutants, destroy the Rising Sun Warriors, assist Japanese survivors and unite Japan under their banner. The NJLF is one of the most well armed factions in Japan, getting most of its weaponry from the pre-flash Japanese self defense forces. Along with being well armed, the NJLF are very territorial and nationalistic, they will not hesitate to shoot first and ask questions later. Many people who are poor or lack the ability to defend themselves tend to find themselves aligning under the banner of New Japan. The NJLF blames the members of the USMC and ACMF as the ones responsible for the flash and have made it one of their top priorities to wipe them out.
In the lands south of the Osaka border, the NJLF was the result of the ACMF's forced conscription. Blaming the ACMF for the world they lived in, the NJLF were quick to overthrow the surviving ACMF, going about taking the lives of foreigners, resulting in the formation of a government based off of nationalist ideologies, alike Imperial Japan. After wrestling control of the land south of Osaka, the NJLF looked north. In 2049, they met the only group capable of putting up a fight, the Rising Sun Warriors. Blind of reason and willingness to cooperate, the NJLF killed the Peace Walker sent to negotiate, and ever since the two rivals have been locked in a brutal campaign to gain the edge over one another.

Behavior Guide

Despite our status as a radically nationalist and territorial faction, this doesn’t allow you to kill ‘lesser human beings’ because that’s not who we are. The NJLF’s ideals as a whole follow a simple principle, unite japan, destroy the mutants inhabiting it or any other type of bandits, and punish any ACMF or USMC they find or come across on the way.

The NJLF should be welcoming of refugees coming to the camp, and shouldn’t turn them down unless there’s too many people present or kill them. Because of our territorial aggressions, any faction that steps into our ‘territory’ is usually peacefully warded off, but the group has the potential to show it’s ferocious aggression to any threats. Likewise, mutants are despised amongst the NJLF as well as ACMF.

Oocly, we’re striving to make the faction based around character development, story arcs, and more enjoyable faction bickering which will not result in the faction becoming reliant on raids or combat rp, we want EVERYTHING to be fair and if you show you’re only here for those sweet rps where you can shoot at people, than you can leave.

One of the defining aspects (to us!) that makes you fit for higher positions in the group (rank wise oocly) is your ability to construct character arcs and stories.

Ranks are self explanatory with everyone above shock troopers considered veterans, and likewise, can take ranks below them out of the fort on small patrols. LRs shouldn’t lead LRs far from the fort. MRs are much more privileged, ask a HR+ about questions.

Equipment Guide

Despite being one of the strongest factions in Japan, we are not invincible, and because of that, we face issues finding ammunition for our weapons which has resulted in a ‘shoot last’ policy, AKA saving all that lead for the RSW. The NJLF are not short of weapons however, thanks to their numerous plundering of ACMF and most recently, camp nagasaki, the group is always seen commonly using ACMF weapons.

Weapons we use in 2R are as follows: (see below) OTC-18





As well as both variations of the AKR, civilian grade rifles that are scavenged, other ACMF weaponry, or scavenged/looted weapons in general. Do not abuse this or you will be exiled from the group without warning, on rare occasions the group’s top brass can be seen wielding pseudo USMC weaponry and technology although this seems to be a heavy rumor

Camp Nagasaki

Camp Nagasaki was a former ACMF camp that was taken by the NJLF, and has since been their FOB for Osaka.

The camp is one of the most well defended areas in Osaka, and is known to take in refugees for small amounts of loot or food/water. Every ranked member is allowed to enter and exit the fort at will, but LRs below shock troopers MUST NOT VENTURE FAR FROM THE GATE WITHOUT A SHOCKTROOPER+

The camp houses the local NJLF’s fleet of vehicles, ranging from several jeeps, an IFV, an additional two humvees, and a tank requiring immediate repairs.

The NJLF control the surrounding dead forest with an iron grip, having established a small guard post a kilometer away from Camp Nagasaki.

Faction Relations

[ACMF]COS [Capture on Sight] [NATO] COS [Capture on Sight] [SURVIVORS] Welcoming [MUTANTS] Hostile [USMC] Hostile [RSW] Hostile [JSDF] Allied [KAMARIS] Neutral

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